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I started this blog for a few reasons, with the first and most obvious being that I love comics. I love anything to do with comics too; more specifically I enjoy (and spend a lot of my spare time) reading reviews, articles, news pieces and so on about the world of comics and their creators. So after years of reading other peoples articles and reviews I thought I’d give it a go myself. This leads into the second reason I started blogging; as a creative outlet. I enjoy writing in my spare time and while it’s not for me to decide whether I’m any good at it, I find it relaxing while at the same time giving me a sense of achievement when I’ve finished a piece.

So what do I write about? Well this ties into the third and final reason, and that is essentially education. I want to expand my reading list beyond the regular monthly stalwarts that I pick up every issue without fail, and explore the vast horde of indie, alternative and unusual comics that not only get released every week from all manner of publishers, but which have been out for years and I’ve never gotten around to reading. Whether timeless classics or current overlooked gems, I want to delve into the wider world and educate myself on all the comics that I feel I have a duty, as a comic fan, to read. As I’ve said before though, my first love will always be Marvel comics. Even though I’ve spent years of my life reading Marvel, there are still so many times I come across a character or storyline or situation that I know little to nothing about. I plan to change that with this blog.

I find that when I write about a certain issue or series or creator, I have to view them with a different focus, a more detailed perspective, and with that I’ll find (hopefully) a new appreciation for what I read. So by looking at all these aspects and more I hope to educate myself (and anyone who happens to come across this blog) on all the comic books, characters and creators I want to know more about.

So with all this in mind, I ask again: what do I write about? I think my articles will take three main forms:



·  Reviews – Mostly weekly comic book reviews (which I’ve done a few of previously), but I’m determined to cast my net wider, and look beyond the familiar and try out as many new things as possible each week.



·   Bucket List – as a comic fan we’ve all got one. Whether you have a literal stack of comics in the corner of the room, or like me more of a fantasy list, there are always those comics that you’ve never got around to reading but for one reason or another you know you want to, or even should, read them. So I’m going to be writing My Comic Book Bucket List (or CBBL for short!) – every time reading and reviewing in-depth the series or volumes that demand my attention, and one by one getting them crossed off that (never-ending) list.



·   Marvel Spotlight – my home away from home, the Marvel Universe (or 616 for short) is in most ways a very familiar place. There are however many dark and unknown corners that I intend to shine a light on with these articles. Sometimes it’ll be a character that for some reason or another has completely missed my gaze, or a storyline that I really should know more about, or maybe a location left uncharted, I plan on exploring them all so I never again get to the final ‘big reveal’ of an issue and go… “yeahbuhwhat?”



So that’s my plan. This blog is mainly for my own benefit, for the reasons I put above (seriously, were you not paying attention?!) but I love talking about comics too. So if anyone wants to get in touch about, well, anything comics related really, then you can contact me on here, via email, or via twitter @awesome_source. I also have a Tumblr Look forward to hearing from you.


Until next time,




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