My week in comics.

Hmm, so my weekly article that I write on here, ‘The Week In Comics!’, is suspiciously absent this week, and with valid reason really.
I started writing it because I loved the idea of writing comic reviews on a weekly basis and sharing my thoughts with people on the latest releases. I still love that, nothing’s changed. However lately I’ve really felt that with what time I have to write every week, this column has become a bit of an unsustainable….burden I suppose. I break my back to get it out every week and although it’s not a massive article (in fact it’s gotten shorter and shorter) it’s detracting from the real type of writing I want to do. I don’t have time to write any actual articles because I’m too busy reviewing all the week’s comics.

So for the time being I won’t be keeping up with ‘The Week In Comics’ regularly. I still think I’ll write it occasionally if I get time and/or it’s a particularly huge and important week.
Besides, it’s not all bad news! I’ll still be taking a weekly look at the new releases over on Rhymes With Geek with my column Clap For MODOK! as well as reviewing individual comics on there, and I’ll always be on IndieAltRepeat reviewing the weekly Valiant releases too.
It’s my hope that clearing up my schedule a bit will give me the freedom to write more articles for both of those sites. What does that mean for this blog? Well, it’s definitely not going anywhere. In fact I’d much prefer to change up the format and bring the blog back to the basics of being…well…a blog actually. I have my outlet for writing reviews and articles on the sites I contribute to, so The Awesome Source will be my place to share my more personal experiences and thoughts on the world of comics, whatever that may be.
So apologies for the change in format, but really, apologising for not writing one thing because I want to write other, better, stuff isn’t really a loss for you dear reader. In fact I think its the opposite!

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