Who’s Who in Original Sin

So I’ve been pretty busy working over on Rhymes With Geek on some articles that I’m pretty pleased with, mostly concerning Marvel’s latest event series Original Sin.

For the most part I’m really digging this series, Jason Aaron is crafting a great murder mystery that seems to be throwing out all the rules, while bringing together a completely random cast of characters.

For once the main Marvel mainstays – Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel – are absent in favour of a more eclectic bunch of characters. Punisher is teamed up with Dr Strange, Gamora, Moon Knight and Winter Soldier are hanging out for the first and probably only ever time they will, and Emma Frost, Scott Lang’s Ant-Man are joining Black Panther. All three teams have been tasked with tracking down the Watcher’s killer, and it’s all shaping up to be one of the craziest, unpredictable and best event series at Marvel in a long while.

So my articles have focused on helping readers out with some of the villains of the piece mostly. Writer Jason Aaron has plucked some bizarre antagonists from obscurity so I wanted to shed some light on them in order to enhance people’s enjoyment. They’re not essential, but if you care about where characters like this come from then I think you’ll dig them.

I’ve linked the articles below, as well as my latest which focuses on Nick Fury, top-cop super-spy of the Marvel Universe. I warn you though, there are fairly **major spoilers** for Original Sin in the articles, so click through only if you’re up to date.


Who’s Who of Marvel’s Original Sin:
The Mindless Ones
Exterminatrix and Dr Midas
The Orb

The History of Nick Fury’s many Brushes with Death.


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