This Week’s News Stories Hit Me Right in the Childhood

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

I’ve spent the last few hours looking through all the tweets and Reddit posts and Facebook updates about how much this man will be missed, and I genuinely feel a sense of loss. I didn’t know the man but he was such a big part of my childhood. Maybe not the man physically, but the icon. I loved Star Trek, still do, and growing up it was an amazing form of escapism. Mr Spock was a huge factor in that of course. As a man and as an icon he will be missed, and while his loss is felt by many, my thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Live Long and Prosper.

It’s been a crazy week for my childhood. There’s been a surprising amount of news that tie directly into the things I loved as a kid. Obviously there’s the sad news above, but there was all manner of other things.

First was the graphic and awesome Power/Rangers fan film.

power rangers

It’s getting harder and harder to find the actual video, but if you’re persistent I’m sure you can find it somewhere… in the meantime you can see what some of the original Power Rangers thought of it;  Green, Red, Black and Pink. That alone was enough to send me flying back to Saturday mornings in front of the TV what, 20 years ago? The fan film? Not so much, but seeing as it’s been a good few years since I properly thought about the Morphin’ Times of old, any reference was enough to arise nostalgia.

Next was the news that Disney XD are bringing back Ducktales. A-WOO-OOO! 

scroogeI’ve already spoken on why this is great news (if they do it right) but to reiterate: this is good news. Duckburg has a rich mythology (I know, I know; they’re talking ducks but trust me) so I’m hoping the spirit of adventure will return for a new generation of viewers.

And me. Obviously.

Finally, earlier today it was announced that Dean Cain and Helen Slater will be starring in CBS’ new Supergirl series. Helen Slater, as in the original cinematic Supergirl, and Dean Cain as in frickin’ Superman. The…the Lois & Clark Superman but still, again…my childhood.

Every Saturday morning for years I watched Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and I am not ashamed to say that I lapped it up.

loisclarkYes it clearly has its flaws and yes my opinion is clearly based on a heavy dose of nostalgia (and the fact that Teri Hatcher alone was worth a young guy like me waking up early every Saturday morning) but as a fun, colorful introduction to the DC universe (which is what it was to me; it encouraged me to check out the comics after all) it was great! So the news that Dean Cain, in some way will be returning to the DC TV Universe is enough to make me more interested in Supergirl. And kinda more interested in going back and rewatching some of those old Lois & Clark episodes.

Ooh like the one with H.G. Wells throwing Superman back in time for whatever reason I can’t remember why. That one.

Reboots, recastings, reimaginings of my childhood favorites, and the passing of a legend. It’s been a strange journey for my childhood this week.

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