Comic Book Acid Trip – Diving into the work of Grant Morrison

I’m going to be talking about this some more in my weekly article over on Rhymes With Geek, but just a heads up for you guys: I’m jumping into Grant Morrison’s back catalogue with both feet and an extremely open mind.

It is a weird and wonderful trip.

I was listening to Grant Morrison’s interviews with Kevin Smith (which are fascinating B. T. Dubs) and he talked about when he wanted to really get into something he would completely immerse himself in that thing; his example was John Lennon. He’d listen to The Beatles on a loop, and surround himself with anything to do with Lennon, until he actually saw a vision of him.

Now I’m not going to go so far as to start having visions of him (I hope. That’d be scary), but I am immersing myself in his work. As well as the aforementioned podcast interviews with Kevin Smith, I’ve read some extensive interviews with him on various sites, I’m reading his book Supergods and of course I’m throwing myself into his comic back catalogue.

I read last week’s Ultra Comics #1, the penultimate chapter of the Multiversity series, which led me to Flex Mentallo (perfect companions) and that sent me clamoring for anything I could find of his work. I decided to go right the way back, and while not his first work, I’ve decided to start my journey with Animal Man #1-26, his seminal run from 1988. It’s fascinating, funny and already has me hooked after 8 issues. Can’t wait to see where this jouney leads.

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