New Daredevil Trailer Shows The Kingpin’s Brutal Side

Man, does anyone remember Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie? Yeah, still hurts doesn’t it? Watch this.

Suddenly it feels like that movie (a movie even it’s lead regrets being a part of) is a lot farther away now.

Charlie Cox and Vincent D’onofrio both prove to be formidable and viciously violent in the new Netflix trailer, further validating my feelings that this is shaping up to be a great show. It looks dark, gritty and grim, clearly taking inspiration from the Miller/Bendis/Brubaker eras rather than the soft reboot currently in your LCS (Local Comic Shop) from Waid and Samnee.

That’s not a bad thing. Frank Miller’s work was trailblazing for both the character and the industry (its success would be a pre-curser for Miller’s later work on Batman’s Year One and Dark Knight Returns), and Bendis brought the character back to life by dragging him through one hellish experience to the next and arguably paving the way for the success Daredevil has deservedly earned ever since.

I’ve been a fan of The Man Without Fear for almost as long as I’ve read Marvel comics, and after a disappointing Big Screen effort I can’t wait to see what Netflix deliver.

All episodes of Daredevil are due to premiere on April 10th exclusively on Netflix

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