Archie Launches Kickstarter to fund three more rebooted series

Archie Launches Kickstarter to Go All In On Three New Series – Archie Comics Publisher Jon Goldwater talks with CBR about its campaign to fund new Jughead, Betty and Veronica and Life with Kevin series.

Source: Archie Launches Kickstarter to “Go All In” On Three New Series – Comic Book Resources

I’ve been looking forward to the new Archie relaunch ever since they announced it with the awesome Fiona Staples artwork (plus the fact that one of my all-time favourite writers Mark Waid is on board too doesn’t hurt!) but now Archie comics have launched a Kickstarter under the banner of Riverdale Reborn in order to fund the release of a rebooted Jughead series, Betty & Veronica and Life With Kevin series too.

It’s an exciting time to be an Archie fan, and those finding the publisher after the hype of their newly relaunched horror line will soon find loads of fresh, relevant titles to add to their pull list.