Harley And Mistah J Have a Lover’s Quarrel in Suicide Squad Set Photo/Videos

I’m generally not a fan of this sort of thing, and if it was for a movie I cared more about I’d avoid grainy set photos and out-of-focus onlooker videos, but this is Suicide Squad. From the get go I’ve never really cared that much for it beyond a passing interest. What’s peaked my (and clearly most people’s) curiosity is Jared Leto’s portrayal of Joker.

Already his interpretation has fans pretty annoyed thanks to the tattooed selfie unleashed last month, but here we get more of an idea of the kind of Clown Prince we’re getting in the new movie.

Elephant in the room: he’s clearly got big (clown) shoes to fill following on from Heath Ledger, and – tattooed scream aside – it seems from these images and videos that his portrayal is going to be slightly more traditional. More Hamil than Heath. Yet I still can’t get on board.

I’m refraining from judging anything based on the material presented here, purely because I don’t think anything could possibly look good when presented in this way, yet I can’t help but feel it’s just distancing me further and further from this movie.

Again. Trying not to judge.