Yes Please: J-Law Thor and The Genderswapped Avengers

Meanwhile, over on Tumblr, 18 year-old European artist Agnes has created a series of images that gender-swap the World’s Mightiest Heroes, and they’re pretty amazing.

amber heard captain america

mila kunis bruce banner

chris pine black widow

kristen stewart loki

jennifer lawrence thor

shailene woodley hawkeye

kate beckinsale iron man

Now, while it’s not for me to criticise, I’d much prefer Shailene Woodley as Iron-Woman and Kate Beckinsale as Hawkeye, I think Woodley would convey the cockiness needed for Antonia Stark that little bit more.

But that’s entirely beside the point; it’s awesome to just open up the conversation about leading super-hero roles for women full-stop, and especially in this fun and engaging way.



Source: Genderswapped Hawkeye And Black Widow Make This Entire Avengers Cast Fantastic | The Mary Sue