Getting Back in the Game

I’ve been away. Did you miss me? What do you mean no?

Ok so it’s been a while since I last blogged anything but I’ve missed blogging on the site, I’ve missed writing in general and damnit I’ve missed you (even if you haven’t missed me).

I started this site (back when it was hosted over on Blogger) for one reason; to talk about the geeky things I love. From my initial blog I moved on over to a couple other sites and made some great friends who loved to talk about geeky things as much if not MORE than me, which was awesome. Rhymes With Geek was a melting pot of big characters with big ideas and genuinely felt like home. My work-life kept threatening to get in the way of things but getting to write for RWG was like chatting with friends at the end of the work day, it was great.

Rhymes With Geek -

But as they say, all good things…and unfortunately Rhymes With Geek closed its doors. In a way. It actually merged into The Outhousers – another great site. The guys and gals over there took us all in like lost puppies in need of a home, and most of us took them up on that. Annoyingly for me though work IRL became too hard to ignore and the writing had to take a back seat. I’ve added a few things here and there but otherwise I dropped off the map in order to focus on work.

That ends now.

Now I can’t promise I’ll be as prolific as my buddy (and RWG Alum) Wes over on his superb blog (and frankly the inspiration for my resurgance) The Geek Who Landed, and granted my timing may not be great seeing as I’m moving home in about a month but hey – when inspiration strikes you gotta go with it!

So expect more of my geeky musings to be spilling out of my brain and all over my keyboard! Hooray! I’ve got plenty to talk about too; I may have stopped writing but I sure as hell didn’t stop reading; and my taste has only gotten more eclectic over the last few months.

Keep it awesome guys.

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