Broken Laptop = Broken DREAMS AKA My Unintentional Spectre review

It’s almost definitely not as dramatic as the title suggests, but dang yo I’ve not had a laptop for about a week. My pet rabbit (no joke, no innuendo, an actual honest to god house bunny that roams around my home) chewed through the cable and left me without any real way of writing without serious inconvenience. I mean, yeah I’ve got an iPad but I find it a real pain writing for any extended period on that. Plus WordPress is kinda whack on an iPad? Kids still say whack right? Kids are whack.

In the time since I lost my laptop I’ve found, as is always the case, lots to write about. So I’ve been storing it up for the day when my pet laptop (that’s right, the laptop is my pet now, not the rabbit. You’re in my bad books Binky) returns to the living. Let’s get down to it!

Spectre was ace.

I’ve heard a lot of bad mouthing about the film, and a fair few mediocre reviews but you know what? I don’t care. Spectre was pretty much my second favorite Daniel Craig film, after Casino Royale obviously. I know, I know, what about Skyfall and let me tell you, Skyfall was fricking amazing. Like, seriously good. And who knows how I’ll feel once the dust of the movie has settled, when I’ve had chance to watch it again and even rewatch Skyfall, but Spectre was a solid win in my book.

A lot of the criticism seems to be aimed at how it leans too much onto nostalgia, and there are a lot of references, nods and homages in Spectre. A LOT. Aside from the obvious narrative call backs to every Daniel Craig film that’s come before, there’s a whole ton of stuff for longtime Bond fans to enjoy. Scenes, lines and yes, characters (no spoilers!) all play a part in reminding you of films gone by. To others, that’s somewhat of a step back. To me, that’s just the inevitable direction of Craig’s Bond. All along we’ve been watching him become the James Bond we know and love, and to see his latest film embrace the legacy in such a full on, self aware way was great to watch. It was a full 5 minutes longer than Casino Royale, but thanks to Royale’s unfortunate pacing in the final act Spectre feels like a much shorter film. The action scenes are great (especially the ones with Dave Bautista’s stoic, menacing henchman Mr Hinx) and the titular organisation is as omniscient and imposing as its classic counterpart.

Of course the film isn’t perfect. Monica Belucci is criminally underused. I was super excited to see her as a foil to Craig, but she was in two scenes and gone. There wasn’t even really much point to her being in the plot really, and any advancements to the narrative she brings could have been achieved through a text or something, that’s how little she’s used. Bond Girls full stop don’t really get a great showing in Spectre, as Lea Seydoux’s character Madeleine Swann wasn’t really given a great deal to do apart from react to things around her.

What I did love though was Bond’s Scooby Gang. M, Moneypenny and Q all had a greater role to play in the mission and the movie, more so than they’ve ever had before really. Moneypenny had the least to do which was again a shame but overall I loved how it really felt like Bond had an extended team around him helping him through the film.

Cristophe Waltz was superb, and not in an oscar winning kind of way (although we all know he’s capable of that), but in a James-Bond-Supervillain kind of way. He was over the top, he was sinister, he was a psychopath but he was a fantastic addition to the list of the great villains of the franchise. He’s one of the reasons Spectre tips over Skyfall for me. Raoul Silva was fine, and lord knows I love Javier Bardem, but his homophobic introduction and his master-plan full of plot-holes has nothing on Waltz’s sinister organisation and evil lair that’s in a frickin CRATER. Seriously, a crater. It’s dope. Kids still say dope right?

Overall Spectre was everything I wanted it to be and more. It had a perfect mix of new Bond and Classic Bond, great action scenes and great villains. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

So wow I wasn’t expecting this to be a full blown review of Spectre! It was a great film though and as usual with every new James Bond film I’ve got plenty to say about it, so yeah. That happened. Let me know your thoughts!

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