#NCBD – My Pull List for March 30th 2016

#NewComicBookDay is right around the corner, so welcome to a new regular article where I’ll be highlighting some of the best new comics coming out each week!

(I’ll be pulling my information from the indispensable Comiclist.com)

March 30th 2016

Paper Girls Volume 1
Image Comics: Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang

Paper Girls TPB Vol. 01

I reviewed the issues that make up this first volume over on Outhousers so if you need convincing to pick up this great series then there’s nothing more I can say here that I haven’t said over there. Give that a clicky then pick up this booky.

Godzilla Oblivion #1
IDW: March 30, 2016 Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art: Brian Churilla

GODZILLAAAAAA. What’s not to love about everybody’s favorite Kaiju?! Well Joshua Hale Fialkov (The Bunker) is taking a stab at the King of the Monsters with this new series that sees Godzilla takes a dimension hopping trip to worlds where all hope has died…

Batman And Robin Eternal #26
DC Comics: March 30, 2016 Writer: Scott Snyder Art: Tony S. Daniel

Batman And Robin Eternal #26 Cover

This is it – the final issue. I have to say I didn’t think I’d keep up with a weekly book like this (Batman Eternal lost me somewhere around issue 10) but I’ve really enjoyed this thrilling examination of each and every Robin. Will they defeat the evil Mother and foil her nefarious scheme?! Spoilers: Probably.

Jughead #5
Archie Comic Publications: March 30, 2016 Writer: Chip Zdarsky Art: Erica Henderson

Jughead #5 Cover

I genuinely wouldn’t have thought that I’d be unironically enjoying a Jughead book on a regular basis, but Chip Zdarsky can seemingly do no wrong, and Erica Henderson (one of two books for her on my list this week) is someone I’d pretty much follow anywhere. With a fantastic team like this I could be reading toilet paper and it’d be amazing.

Faith #3
Valiant Entertainment Llc: March 30, 2016 Writer: Jody Houser Art: Francis Portela

Faith #3 Cover

Can I tell you a secret? I’ve not actually caught up on this series yet. It, like all Valiant books, will remain on my pull list despite the fact that I’ve only read like 2 valiant comics in a year or so. I’ve fallen so far behind that I’m going back to Armor Hunters at this point, but I absolutely love this universe, and I’m determined to dedicate some real time to catching up.
In the meantime, Faith looks to be another quality addition to the line, and I’m sure you don’t need to read the entire universe to enjoy this book, so I’m just going to read these three issues before anything else, because I love Faith so much you guys.

X-men 92 #1
Marvel: March 30, 2016 Writer: Chris Sims Art: Alti Firmansyah

X-men 92 #1 Cover

If you read my article this week you’ll know that I’ve not exactly be wowed with Marvel’s post Secret Wars output. I’m hoping that’ll change with X-Men ’92. The Secret Wars mini-series was a lot of fun, and I’m a big fan of Chris Sims (off of War Rocket Ajax) so fingers crossed this new ongoing book will go some way to restore my faith in Marvel.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6
Marvel: March 30, 2016 Writer: Ryan North Art: Erica Henderson

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 Cover

Speaking of restoring my faith, one thing that’s been a constant joy of mine is the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Way better than a book about a girl that has the power of both squirrel and girl, this is the highlight of my week every time it comes out. If you’ve not taken the leap then now may be a good time, as this week Doreen Green is crossing over with the one, the only, Howard the Duck (the other most improbably good book coming out of Marvel right now).

Darth Vader #18
Marvel: March 30, 2016 Writer: Kieron Gillen Art: Salvador Larroca

Darth Vader #18 Cover

One thing that Marvel is getting spot on all across the board is it’s Star Wars contingent. I’ve found myself loving the main series and this Darth Vader series is, in my opinion, achieving the impossible of expanding the mythology of a character that has always been better off left mysterious, and doing it brilliantly.
After the prequel movies I thought that some things were better off not being revealed, and Darth Vader is definitely a character that works better in the shadows, like the Joker. What Keiron Gillen has achieved with this series though is restore the menace to a villain that was – if we’re being completely honest here – utterly defanged by episodes I-III. If you’re worried that too much knowledge can be a bad thing, you can rest assured that this series only improves the titular Sith Lord.

Daredevil #5
Marvel: March 30, 2016 Writer: Charles Soule Art: Ron Garney

Daredevil #5 Cover

Could anyone really follow on from the powerhouse of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s seminal, character defining run on Daredevil? Well, they can, but it won’t be as good.
I love Charles Soule. His current Marvel work though (being mired in the world of Inhumans such as it is) doesn’t really do it for me, but I really feel that the biggest thing Daredevil suffers from is having such big shoes to fill.
Ron Garney’s art is fantastic, and the tone overall lends itself to the pre-Waid eras of DD, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I can see many people getting a kick out of this series, and I’m sticking with it for now too, just don’t expect the giddy heights of the previous two volumes.

Saga #35
Image: March 30, 2016 Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Art: Fiona Staples

Saga #35 Cover

I mean, if you’re not reading this series at this point, nothing I say here is going to change your mind. It’s awesome, you should read it, let’s move on.

Power Lines #1
Image: March 30, 2016 Writer: Jimmie Robinson Art: Jimmie Robinson

Power Lines #1 Cover

I could really go either way on this one. I’m a sucker for an issue 1, but check the solicit:

‘Street Hero’ A local street hood surviving in a crime-infested ghetto has his life turned around when an ancient magic grants him superhuman powers-except his ability only activates in an upscale white community that may not accept him. Gritty, racially charged street-wise drama!

See what I mean? I mean, I’ll give it a go but it could either be great, edgy fun or completely miss the mark. Jury’s out.

Black Science #21
Image: March 30, 2016 Writer: Rick Remender Art: Matteo Scalera

Black Science #21 Cover

Love this series. I can’t decide if it’s the concept or the art that is my favorite thing about Black Science, but as this issue concludes the fourth arc (a fifth is coming in July) now’s a great time to play catch up. It’s not really a book that you can just pick up from anywhere, but seeing as the first volume is among the best books on my shelf right now I guarantee it’ll be worth your while if you’re not already reading month by month.

And that’s it! Let me know on Twitter what’s on your pull list this week, I’m @MattLune, and I’ll see you next week.


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