In a Quiet Week, What Other Comics Are You Reading?

It happens from time to time. Some New Comic Book Days are massive, with huge amounts of number ones or significant issues (we all know that’ll be true in a few weeks or so when DC’s Rebirth hits), and some weeks are a little…thin. There’s definitely stuff to love this week (Dept. H #1 a stand out in my humble opinion), but it’s defnitely quieter than most.

And that got me thinking – what else is on your reading list? If you’re anything like me, you’ve always got a comic or two (or ten) on the go. So rather than talk again about what I’m enjoying of the new stuff, here’s what else I’ve currently got on the go.

Doom Patrol
By Grant Morrison and Richard Case

Doom Patrol

There are some definite blind spots in my reading, I’ve talked about it before, but sometimes I’m almost scared to admit some of the things I’ve not read? I hope to ease my shame by cracking on with Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol.

You know what? I’m not ashamed. We’re all friends here. This is a safe space. And generally speaking I’m massively playing catch up with DC stuff. We’ve all got that never ending comic-book bucket list (I’ve already crossed a couple things off my own) and Doom Patrol has always been right near the top.

Much like Grant Morrison’s own long, extended narrative threads weaving through his entire career at DC, my own reading list has had a thread running through it over the last few years. Whenever I’ve taken on a comic book run to cross off my list, chances are it’s been Grant Morrison. Oh and also, I’m reading his stuff in order. So my last big run of his was Animal Man, so now it’s Doom Patrol.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the run, and honestly it is bonkers. Absolutely everything thrown at the reader is surreal, made to expand your mind and chase you running through the asylum. It’s absolutely superb and I think it’s worthy of its own article once I finish.

Jack Staff
By Paul Grist

jack staff

I’d never really heard about this until I came across an old Ask Chris article from over on Comics Alliance. I found the entire volume 1 on eBay for a steal (well, £5. I…I didn’t actually steal it) so decided to take the plunge. Volume 1 is great because it’s the entire volume 1 of the series. All 12 issues. For £5. That’s awesome.

And Paul Grist’s writing is so jam-packed full that he gets so much into each page, each panel even. Plus, due to the nature of the story (Jack Staff already has a rich history in this universe when he disappeared for 20 years), there’s a lot thrown at you. Except it’s not thrown at you. Grist does a fantastic job of introducing you to concepts and characters in such a seamless way, it makes you feel like you’ve been reading about Jack Staff for years.

Another thing Grist does is play with tropes and homages in a way that is so blatant it practically slaps you in the face, but also does it so well it kisses it better afterwards. I’ve only read the first three or four issues but if you’ve not read it before (or, like me, even heard of it) it comes highly recommended from me.

All-Star Superman
By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

all star superman

Now this, this is something that I think is criminal if you’ve not read it. AND I HAVEN’T READ IT YET. That’s a lie; I’ve read the first issue. Like, last night.

I know! Guys. I know.

As I mentioned in this week’s stack I’m on a bit of a Superman kick lately. I’m not sure if it’s the impending Rebirth, my enjoyment of recent issues of the different series that are out at the moment, or maybe it’s the unique juxtaposition of being constantly pleased with how awesome the Supergirl TV show is compared to how disappointed I was by Batman v Superman.

Whatever it is, I felt like if I was in the mood for a Superman book, I had to go with what’s arguably the best, right? Why settle for second best you know? Countless people will tell you – and have told me – that everything you need to know about Superman you can find within the pages of All Star. I intend to find out.

Superman: Secret Identity
By Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen

secret identity

Again, I’m on a Superman kick, so naturally I’m going to gravitate to what I’ve heard are some of the best Superman stories out there. If there’s one person’s opinion I can trust it’s my good Internet Buddy Wes Messer (go follow him on Twitter, you’ll get some fun tweets in your life and we all need more of those right), and if I’m not mistaken this is his favorite Superman story, so I should give it a read!

Kurt Busiek is a great writer. I love his Avengers stuff, Marvels is brill and what I’ve read of Astro City really appeals to me. Stuart Immonen’s work is solid. Again I’m more familiar with his Marvel work, especially All New X-Men and obviously Nextwave.

This is a different kind of Superman story. If you’ve not read it either:

Set in the real world, SECRET IDENTITY examines the life of a young Kansas man with the unfortunate name of Clark Kent.All Clark wants is to be a writer, but his daily life is filled with the taunts and jibes of his peers, comparing him to that other Clark Kent — the one with super-powers. Until one day when Clark awakens to discover that he can fly…that he does in fact have super-strength! But where did these powers come from? And what’s he going to do about it?

See what I mean? I think this, along with All Star Superman will definitely scratch my Kal-El itch.

So that’s what I’m reading at the moment. What about you guys? What’ve you got on your pile at the moment? Head over to Twitter (@MattLune), I’d love to know what you’re reading. Because I’m very nosey…

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