The Weekly Stack – #NCBD Picks for April 20th 2016

#NewComicBookDay is right around the corner, so welcome to The Weekly Stack where I’ll be highlighting some of the best new comics coming out each week!

PLUS: To add an extra layer of excitement (or not, I dunno) I’ll be choosing one comic to be my PICK OF THE WEEK, and one book to be my WILD CARD!

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April 20th 2016

Yeesh. Talk about a quiet week. There’s genuinely not much out this Wednesday, so I dunno what to tell you. Maybe go outside and play? Or OR! Come back tomorrow and I’ll run through what other books I’m reading at the moment. It’ll honestly be more fun than it sounds, and you may find some new favorite books to read.

Pick of The Week

Dept. H #1
Dark Horse: April 20, 2016   Writer: Matt Kindt   Art: Matt Kindt


This would be a stand out even in a busier week, but this Wednesday it’s a no-brainer for Pick of the Week. Matt Kindt’s latest series is a deep sea murder mystery that hits all the right notes (That’s right – I’ve already read it. And it’s ace) – it’s a claustrophobic thriller that draws you in with it’s engaging yet mysterious cast of characters and it’s an intriguing whodunnit. Check out my full review of this over on The Outhousers!

Wild Card

Every week I’ll be selecting a book that could go either way: Will it be good? Will it be bad? Do I fully understand what the term Wild Card means? WHO KNOWS. This week:

Joyride #1
Boom! Studios: April 20, 2016 Writer: Jackson Lanzing Art: Marcus To


I never read Hacktivist, the previous book from the creators of Boom’s latest new series Joyride. It never really appealed to me even though I can’t remember why. This though looks like it could be fun –

In the future, Earth sucks. The stars have been blocked out for so long that people have forgotten there was anything else besides the dumb World Government Alliance watching over them, training children to join the militarized Allied Youth and eliminating all resistance with a giant ray gun. Uma Akkolyte is a girl who shoots first and leaps before she looks, and when she gets a strange message from outside the barricades of SafeSky, she jacks a spaceship and punches through the stratosphere with an unlikely crew of teens who are totally not ready for what they’re about to find.

The solicit also proclaims this is a “space epic with a punk rock attitude” so this could be a great new series. Plus I have a lot of faith in Boom Studios, so while this is my wild card this week I’m hoping for good things.

The Best of The Rest

Lumberjanes #25
Boom! Studios: April 20, 2016 Writer: Shannon Watters Art: Brooke A. Allen


It’s the special 25th issue extravaganza! And for that, artist Brooke Allen is back to help celebrate. I’ve not read every issue of Lumberjanes but it’s such a great series, and with Allen returning and the upcoming crossover with Gotham Academy, there’s no better time to dive back in.

Action Comics #51
DC Comics: April 20, 2016 Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Art: Fernando Pasarin Cover: Karl Kerschl


Super League continues! I’m digging this crossover so far, and at this point it’s pretty clear that it’s going to lead right into Rebirth which I’m very much looking forward to. This issue Clark is on the hunt for Supergirl, who’s been gone for a while…

Superman American Alien #6
DC Comics: April 20, 2016 Writer: Max Landis Art: Jonathan Case Cover: Ryan Sook


This week might as well be sponsored by Superman, as this is the second of three books out this week. I read the first five issues of American Alien all at once this last week, and while I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t like Max Landis’ take on the ‘secret origin’ of Clark Kent, I’m getting a kick out of it. My head-canon is taking it as a sort of Elseworlds tale as I’m not currently sure where it fits, but there’s been some great ideas in this series, and I enjoyed his take on Lex Luthor last issue.

Superman Lois And Clark #7
DC Comics: April 20, 2016 Writer: Dan Jurgens Art: Lee Weeks Cover: Lee Weeks


Rounding out the three Superman books is Lois and Clark. Unfortunately it’s not the continuing adventures of Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher’s seminal superhero series (Superman ’93), but the return of Pre-New-52 Kal-El, his wife Lois Lane and their son, Jon Kent. This has been entertaining in an old school sense. Both in structure and subject matter it feels like a pre New-52 Superman story, which obviously is the point I suppose.
Another series that will lead directly into Rebirth, as this Superman is primed to take over as the Universe’s main Man of Steel, I read this whole series so far this week too. Maybe I’m on a Superman binge? Who knows but I’m enjoying this series so far.

Lazarus Sourcebook #1
Image: April 20, 2016 Writer: Greg Rucka Art: Michael Lark Cover: Eric Trautmann


If you love Lazarus – the dystopian drama from Greg Rucka and Michael Lark – and you love insane, mind-bogglingly complex (and perhaps entirely superfluous), world building information, then look no further! This book is geared up to provide so much information on the world of Lazarus that you could build a fully realized role playing game around the data. Not so much a comic as a manual on the Carlyle family and their universe, the back matter of every issue of Lazarus is always fascinating and this looks to be a full length version of that.

Karnak #3
Marvel: April 20, 2016 Writer: Warren Ellis Art: Gerardo Zaffino Cover: David Aja


So yes, issue 2 came out almost two months ago and no, I’ve no idea what’s going on in issue 3 as it’s been so long since I last read this book, but I remember liking it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s an Inhuman book (urgh) but it’s a Warren Ellis Inhuman book, with pretty great art, so fingers crossed we’ve seen the last of the delays and we can keep the momentum that the series needs.

Divinity II #1
Valiant Entertainment Llc: April 20, 2016 Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Trevor Hairsine Cover: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic


Matt Kindt is having a good week. Almost as good as Superman! This is his second number 1 and frankly if he hadn’t already taken it with Dept H #1, he’d still have stolen Pick of the Week with Divinity II. The first run of this series deserves a second read-through as it’s been a while since I last picked it up, but it’s such a unique series it’s easy to fall in love with it, and I can’t wait for what this new series will bring.

The Verdict

Well there’s not much out this week, but what is out there looks great. Dept H #1 is definitely worth the price of admission alone, and with Divinity II #1 Matt Kindt has clearly got Man of the Match. Superman’s triple bill looks promising, especially the third part of Super League in Action Comics #51, and Lumberjanes, Karnak and Lazarus Sourcebook could not be more different from each other but there’s room for all sorts this Wednesday. The Wild Card – Joyride – has a lot of promise but I’m still on the fence about it. However, this is the guy that thought last Week’s C-3po was a dodgy pick and that turned out great so what do I know?! Which reminds me:

Last Week’s Stack

How did last Wednesday shape up now that we’ve all had time to read the issues? Well, the Pick of The Week – Goldie Vance #1 – was as amazing as I thought it would be: super cute, super fun and easily worthy of the crown. My wild card though? C-3po? How great was that?? I seriously had no idea a one-shot all about how C-3po lost his arm could make me feel so much! The plot and the art – great stuff, well worth your time. Marvel had a better showing than this week, with Mockingbird, Moon Knight and X-Men ’92 #2 the stand outs, but Chris Sebela’s Heart Throb was a winner for me and one I’ll be keeping up with.

That’s it! That’s my week! As always, please get in touch with me on Twitter (I’m @MattLune) and let me know what’s on your pull list!

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