What Does Your Loneliness Look Like? – Lonesomes Issue 1 Kickstarter Review

If you could see your loneliness, what would it look like?

That’s one of the questions raised by the creative team behind new self published series Lonesomes. An attempt to address the lack of comic books that deal directly with the universal feeling of loneliness, writer Ryan Little, along with Eder Messiahs on pencils/inks, and Fahriza Kamaputra on colours have already produced issue 1 in its entirety, and have turned to Kickstarter to fund a physical copy.

As the Campaign states:

Although the book is completed, I think it needs to be physically printed for readers to fully embrace the thematic elements.This is a story about confronting your loneliness. A book like that isn’t meant to be read alone on your iPad. It’s meant to be printed so you can read it, share it, and engage that feeling with others.

I’ve been lucky enough to read a copy of issue 1 and it’s an excellent start to what I hope becomes a unique series with not only a message but the heart and experience to pull it off. Loneliness does affect everyone at some point, but by combining those very real feelings with the fantastic elements of everyone’s favourite ‘Pocket Monsters’, Lonesomes presents itself in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd.


Being lonely isn’t easy, which is why this story tackles it head on by combining that complicated feeling with the whimsical world of the “collectible monster genre”. ( Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, etc)

There’s a wistful, ethereal feel to the narrative, something that reminded me of the feeling I got playing indie games like Journey, where the experience itself makes you feel that loneliness, but as the first issue of Lonesomes progresses the magical wonder of the world shines through.

The art and colours are fantastic. Eder Messiahs’ pencils capture that magic much needed for the more fantastical elements of the plot, and retains a cartoonish sense of wonder throughout. Likewise the colours of Fahriza Kamaputra are bright and bold and draw you into the world.

Overall this is a great start to a series, and for as $5 you can be reading issue 1 of Lonesomes digitally as soon as the campaign is successful, and for only $8 you can have a physical copy for yourself, to read it how the creators intended.

There’s only 6 days left on this Kickstarter! So if you like what you see, act now!

Lonesomes Issue 1 Kickstarter is here , and you can reach out on Twitter @TremendosJakson



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