The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – June 1st 2016

Everything you need to know about this week’s upcoming releases; the movers, shakers, good, bad and even ugly of the comic book world!

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June 1st 2016

Man, this feels like it’s been a long week since the last Forecast huh? There’s been a lot going on in the news, what with DC Rebirth and their major spoilers, Hydra Cap and today’s latest internet-breaker, there’s been a lot to get angry about.

On the bright side, it’s been a busy week for me because I have a brand new podcast! See, it’s not all bad news! Listen to me and my friend Wes discuss DC Rebirth #1 in That’s The Issue, episode 0 (plus find out more about the show here!)

Anyway. Enough about last week, let’s focus on this week! And our Pick of the Week goes to…

Pick of the Week

Power Rangers Pink #1
Boom! Studios: June 1, 2016 Writer: Brendan Fletcher Art: Daniele Di Nicuolo Cover: Elsa Charretier


Yes yes, I know that there’s a (Civil) war on, and people are ‘Rebirthing’ I’ll get to all that, but for me this is what I’m looking forward to – something removed from any type of Event and instead laser focused on a character from my childhood.

I won’t go into it too much here, as I’ll be reviewing it over on The Outhousers, but suffice to say it was a great start to the Pink Ranger’s first solo outing.

Wild Card

Buffy: The High School Years – Freaks & Geeks TPB
By: Faith Erin Hicks, Yishan Li, Rod Espinosa, Scott Fischer


Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t my Wild Card because I doubt it’s going to be any good. I’m sure quality wise it’ll be great, as I’m a fan of Faith Erin Hicks (I loved Adventures of Superhero Girl and Friends With Boys) and from the previews I’ve seen the art looks great.

I am always a little concerned however when a franchise that’s so beloved for me gets additional stories that insert themselves into existing chronology. I mean, if I don’t enjoy this it won’t change anything, I’ll just get on  with my life, but I think because I love Buffy, this book can’t ever live up to the hype I would pile on it if I let myself get carried away. I already suffered the downfalls of that with Season 8 which, while not as bad as some would have you believe (what is??) it was a disappointment as a continuing narrative from the TV show.  Let’s just say I want this to be good, and I’ll go in with a hopeful, open mind.

The Rest of the Best

Rebirth Update

This is a new segment I like to call Rebirth Update. For the forseeable future there is going to be DC Rebirth shenanigans of some fashion or another every New Comics Day, and rather than look at them all separately I’m going to lump them all into one segment.


This week sees the release of four Rebirth one-shots – Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns and Superman. While I’m most excited for Batman (co-written by exiting writer Scott Snyder and entering writer Tom King) and Superman (exploring the fallout of the death of New 52 Supes and the integration of Family Man Supes into the fold), I’m eager to try Greens Lantern and Arrow. I’ve never really read any books with those characters in the lead, so I’m hoping these will do a good job of introducing them to me, a new reader, while simultaneously appeasing more long-term readers, which is the tightrope that Rebirth has chosen to balance on.

Civil War II #1
Marvel: June 1, 2016 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: David Marquez Cover: Marko Djurdjevic


So the FCBD and #0 issue didn’t blow me away, but I still want to get on board with this Event, if for no other reason than if I don’t I pretty much have no new Marvel books to read this summer. The concept of the story is intriguing – sort of Minority Report-esque – but so far, as I say, I’m not drawn in. Let’s hope number 1 does its job and really gets the Event moving.

Strange Attractors #1
Boom! Studios: June 1, 2016 Writer: Charles Soule Art: Greg Scott Cover: Couceiro Magno

strange attractors 1

I had to look this up, as the solicit states this is the ‘first time in a limited series’, and for those like me, Strange Attractors was initially a graphic novel released by Archaia in 2013, and now is being split up into a limited series with a bunch of special features.

Taking in such themes as The Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory into its race to prevent the destruction of New York City, Charles Soule looks to have crafted a great thriller here. For those not wanting to wait you can buy the original graphic novel and read it all in one go, but for me I’m going to pick up the single issues and see what I think.

Paper Girls #6
Image: June 1, 2016 Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Art: Cliff Chang Cover: Cliff Chang


Paper Girls is back! I reviewed the first arc over on OH, and – spoilers – LOVED IT. Now the book is back for arc two and it needs to follow on from a pretty mind-bending final reveal, so I can honestly say I have no idea where this book is going to take me, but I am along for the ride.

Control #1
Dynamite Entertainment: June 1, 2016 Writer: Andy Diggle Art: Andrea Mutti Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli


This looks to be a pretty fascinating thriller:

Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham isn’t making any friends in the Washington DC Police Department. That makes her the perfect scapegoat when a routine homicide investigation threatens to blow open a criminal conspiracy that reaches to the upper echelons of the DC power elite. Kate makes it go away, or they make her go away. Cop or criminal, power is all about control, applied top-down from the penthouse elite to the hustlers on the street. But what happens when the street pushes back…?

What I like about it is that nowhere in the solicit does it mention anything about the seriously creepy bondage photos that are taped to the wall behind her on the variant cover (above), or the ball gag/panties/gun combo that graces the regular cover, which leads me to believe there’s way more to this than it’s letting on, and that has me intrigued.

Deadpool #13
Marvel: June 1, 2016 Writer: Gerry Duggan Art: Mike Hawthorne Cover: Francisco Herrera


It’s a whole 4-issue crossover in one go! That’s what the solicit promises, and I sincerely hope it delivers, because with a hefty $10 price tag, I guarantee there’ll be a greater number of people skimming it in the shop than picking it up on a whim.

Yes, Deadpool #13 has two issues of DP, 1 of Daredevil and 1 of Power-Man and Iron Fist included. I’m not sure whether this means that the next issue of Deadpool will be issue 15 or what, but this is an expensive gimmick which only fans of all three books would want, and for those fans collecting just Deadpool it’s almost a punishment for being a completist.

X-men 92 #4
Marvel: June 1, 2016 Writer: Chris Sims Art: Alti Firmansyah Cover: David Nakayama


Still enjoying this book, and all the 90’s riffs that come along with it. That doesn’t seem to be slowing down any-time soon either, with this week’s issue taking the X-Men on a journey into dreaded, unknown domain of ‘Cyberspace’!! A book that brought you the Council of Cross-Time Draculas can’t be anything but great.

The Best of the Rest

Satellite Fallingprevious Pick of the Week – is back with issue 2; Image has some great new issues of fantastic series’ with Deadly Class #21, Nailbiter #22, Elephantmen #71 and Walking Dead #155, and bringing out a great trade in Limbo.

The other Marvel Event coming out at the moment wraps up this week in Spider-Women Omega. A-Force #6, All-New Wolverine #9 and Moon Knight #3 are also on my pull and over at Valiant their big summer Event marches on with 4001A.D #2.

The Verdict

It’s a big week in terms of what’s coming out, but whether any of the big two Events are any good or not will dictate how expensive a week it is. There’re certainly some gems in there if you know what to look out for though. That’s why you have me!

Next Week’s Forecast

The REAL Event of the summer kicks off, with Lumberjanes Gotham Academy #1 – very excited about that. It’s a big week all round for DC in fact; Detective Comics and Action Comics revert back to their pre-New 52 numbering with #934 and #957 respectively; Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman all Rebirth in their one-shot issues; and the next Hanna-Barbera reboot hits in Wacky Raceland #1.

Howard Chaykin’s creator-owned project Midgnight of the Soul debuts over at Image, and Marvel delves deeper into its Civil War with the first of what I’m sure will be many, many (many) tie-ins: Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 and Civil War II: Gods of War #1.

See you next week!

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