The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – May 18th 2016

Welcome to The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – here you’ll find everything you need to know about this week’s upcoming releases; the movers, shakers, good, bad and even ugly of the comic book world.

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May 18th 2016

This looks to be a pretty solid week; lots of number ones to tempt you plus some returning favourites – some after a massive absence (more on that shortly).

But First…we have to say R.I.P to a true legend of the comic book industry, as we lost Darwyn Cooke on Saturday. His art was and forever will be absolutely stunning, and the industry is a little worse off without him in it.

Pick of the Week

Future Quest #1
DC Comics: May 18, 2016 Writer: Jeff Parker Art: Evan Shaner Cover: Evan Shaner


Man, the upcoming DC reboots of Hanna Barbera properties run the full range of looking awesome to awful, but Future Quest falls firmly in the former.

A team-up/crossover/mash-up of a bunch of HB cartoons from all of our childhoods, Future Quest combines shows like Johnny Quest and Space Ghost to create what looks to be an awesome adventure comic, and with character designs by the late Darwyn Cooke no less.

I love big, bright, fun books, so I have high hopes for this series. The rest though…eesh.

Wild Card

Brutal Nature #1
IDW: May 11, 2016 Writer: Luciano Saracino Art: Ariel Olivetti Cover: Ariel Olivetti


Another number one, Brutal Nature sees Ariel Olivetti’s gorgeous art tackle the concept of a man that can transform into different beasts through the use of a series of masks, in order to fight the Spanish Empire.

To be honest it’ll definitely look good, and while I’m hoping the story will draw me in, the premise hasn’t grabbed me. We shall see!

The Rest of the Best

Sabrina #5
Archie Comic Publications: February 4, 2015 Writer: Roberto Aguirre Sacasa Art: Robert Hack Cover: Robert Hack


I cannot even remember when issue 4 of this series came out, and to be honest I have no recollection of what’s happened so far (I just checked and CBR Previews suggest issue 4 came out in July of last year…).

Either way I absolutely loved this (if I remember rightly!) so I’m excited that it’s bringing out another issue. I just hope it can keep to a semi-regular schedule from now on, otherwise I – like I’m sure a lot of other people already – will be switching to trade waiting. Although I may be long gone by the time that comes out…

Dept H #2
Dark Horse: May 18, 2016 Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Matt Kindt Cover: Matt Kindt


I reviewed issue one for The Outhousers and it blew me away, so I can’t wait for issue 2. And 3. And 4. But I’ll have to just make do with this one new instalment for now.

The murder mystery at the bottom of the ocean has drawn me right in, and I’m really looking forward to what happens next.

Superman American Alien #7
DC Comics: May 18, 2016 Writer: Max Landis Art: Jock Cover: Ryan Sook


This has been a divisive series for sure, as is for definite its creator, screenwriter and director Max Landis. I however have really enjoyed this take on the Secret Origin of not only the Man of Steel but Clark Kent.

I think it helps that I take its place in my head canon with a pinch of salt, so that way I can take what I like and leave the rest (a tactic I swear more people should try, if only to save ridiculous Twitter rants that I almost definitely take part in myself so who am I to comment?!). Either way, this is the last issue and I’m interested to see how it ends.

Archangel #1
IDW: May 25, 2016 Writer: William Gibson Art: Butch Guice Cover: Tula Lotay


If you try one new book this month? This. Is. It!

Well, according to the solicitations anyway, and they’re always impartial right? Thankfully the book itself looks to be holding its own against the hyperbole, as science-fiction author William Gibson brings what sounds like a cautionary tale of corruption and greed, as politicians search for another reality to infiltrate. They’ve certainly done right by having the superb Tula Lotay on covers anyway, as it looks amazing before you’ve even turned a page.

Biggest Bang #1
IDW: May 18, 2016 Writer: D.J. Kirkbride Art: Vassilis Gogtzilas Cover: Vassilis Gogtzilas


A sequel to last year’s Bigger Bang, the same creative team return to tell the story of a hero that would be a God. Or at least, treated like one. I must admit I didn’t catch Bigger Bang when it came out, but this has got me scurrying to buy it, as it sounds fantastic and looks great too. Check it:

Born in the cataclysmic cosmic catastrophe known as ‘The Bigger Bang,’ Cosmos traversed the barren egg-lands in-between universes, discovered the wisdom of space whales, defeated intergalactic evil, and found love! Now a new threat presents itself, one the hero has never known… worship! What can he give those who would call him God? Intergalactic action and pataphysical philosophy return in THE BIGGEST BANG, the thrilling sequel to the mini-series Den of Geek called one of ‘the best comics of 2015’!

Civil War II #0
Marvel: May 11, 2016 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Olivier Coipel Cover: Olivier Coipel


And so it begins. Yes, Marvel’s biggest event since the last one is threatening to overtake literally every comic from the House of Mousey Ideas, and for all my grumbling I have to admit – I’m curious.

I am going to try it, and I’m going to try it with a blank slate, open mind, optimistic approach because I do not want to be one of those people that hate reads a book, or thinks it’ll be sh*t therefore it will be sh*t. I’m also not really a believer in ‘Event Fatigue’, as if it’s almost too much for us poor consumers that the comics we love are attempting to be bigger and better. If the events are great, like Secret Wars was, then you wouldn’t get ‘fatigue’.

What I don’t like is when an event doesn’t suit me or my tastes, and I can’t continue to get the books that I love regardless. Avengers Standoff did that, because I found it a little bland, which meant I had to avoid the Avengers books for a month or so.

I want to love it, I genuinely love Marvel. If I don’t enjoy it, then it’s not for me, and I’ll vote with my money. I’ll just pick up other stuff instead.

Mae #1
Dark Horse: May 18, 2016 Writer: Gene Ha Art: Gene Ha Cover: Gene Ha


Another number one?! Yep, this time from Dark Horse, and I have to admit this was about to be my Wild Card. In the end I gave it to Brutal Nature because it didn’t grab me as much as Mae did.

Sounding like a cross between Birthright and a more serious I Hate Fairyland, Mae #1 tells of two sisters, Abbie – who’s adventures beyond a magical portal of monsters and madness – and Mae, who up until now has had no proof of her sister’s adventures. Worlds appear to collide however when the Creatures from the other side start creeping through to the real world…

The Best of the Rest

The adorably awesome Goldie Vance #2 is out from Boom! Studios and creators Hope Larson and Brittney Williams. Issue 1 made Pick of the Week so I have no reason to think this will be any less than brilliant.

Micronauts – another Pick of the Week – returns for its second issue and man this was a great first issue, one of my favs of the year.

Tank Girl 2 Girls 1 Tank #1 is out from Titan and rounds out the number ones I’ll be highlighting this week. Never read a single issue of Tank Girl but I’ll check it out.

Spider-man #4 continues the exploration of Miles Morales in the 616 (is it still called that?), and Karnak #4 continues to prove that a (semi) consistent schedule can do wonders – I’m really enjoying Karnak.

Usagi Yojimbo #154 – if you’ve read this seminal series before then you don’t need me to sell it to you, and if you haven’t then seriously you’re reading me but not Stan Sakai?? I mean, thank you but guys – go read Usagi Yojimbo!

Superman Wonder Woman #29 is the penultimate chapter of the Super League story I’ve been enjoying so much, and Archie’s Jughead #6 promises the epic showdown between Jughead and Principal Stanger. Is this the last Zdarsky issue? I just checked and no, Zdarsky leaves on issue 8, however this is the last Erica Henderson-drawn issue, as incoming artist Derek Charm takes over from issue 7.


A solid week! Lots of new number ones to sink our teeth into, including an issue zero, so that’s a smashing start. Loads of other brilliant books – Sabrina, Yojimbo, Dept. H – returning too, more than enough to make your wallet a lot lighter! This is going to be a great New Comic Book Day!

Last Week’s Forecast

So last week was another strong week. Black Panther and The Fix were my personal highlights, but Gotham Academy, Kaijumax and (obviously) The Ultimates were all solid too. The one thing I missed picking up was Satellite Falling, and that was the Pick of the Week! Doh! I’ll get it and let you know my thoughts on Twitter.

Looking Ahead

DC has some of the biggest books out next week, not only the second Hanna Barbera reboot (and arguably the one that got the most amount of press coverage) in Scooby Apocalypse #1, but the start of their NBT (Next Big Thing) in one-shot DC Universe Rebirth #1.

Marvel has Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 and Nighthawk #1, meanwhile IDW is converting Troy Little’s hardcover adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas into comic book sized, black and white chunks, and that may have been the most confusing sentence I’ve ever written.

See you next week,

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