The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – May 25th 2016

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May 25th 2016

Oh man. Well, this week is dominated by one book and one book only: Scooby Apocalypse!

Nah, I’m (only half) joking, of course it’s this one –

Pick of the Week

Dc Universe Rebirth #1
DC Comics: May 25, 2016


This might as well be the only book out this week for the amount of attention it’s going to get (it’s not the only one thankfully, otherwise this would be a short article!), but to be honest I’m pretty p*ssed off with the attention it’s already gotten. I rant about that elsewhere on the site so here I’ll just focus on the issue itself.

This is the issue that promises to change everything, and even though I’ve avoided the spoilers I can tell by the reactions of fans that it fulfills that promise. But that’s not why this is my Pick of the Week.

No, the reason this is my pick is for one simple reason: hope.

I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this book does even half the things it’s setting out to do, because if it does? Then it will have succeeded in making the DC Universe a better place. I talked about legacy before, but that’s one of the things Geoff Johns is promising the return of in Rebirth and it all starts with this issue. If you have any interest in the Big Two Superhero books then you need to pick this up.


Wild Card

Nighthawk #1
Marvel: May 25, 2016 Writer: David Walker Art: Ramon Villalobos Cover: Denys Cowan


I know next to nothing about Nighthawk. I know he’s from the Squadron Supreme and is a knock-off of Batman, but apart from that, nothing. I’ve actually never read anything with the Squadron Supreme in, unless you count Hyperion in Hickman’s Avengers.

What I do know is that the art in this book is by the fantastic Ramon Villalobos, so that alone is worth picking up. It’s my Wild Card though because I don’t know if anyone is craving a Nighthawk solo series, so expect this to be an ongoing that suddenly becomes a limited series, and then fades into obscurity. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it proved me wrong though?

The Rest of the Best

Scooby Apocalypse #1
DC Comics: May 25, 2016 Writer: Jim Lee Art: Hank Porter Cover: Jim Lee


The other big DC book out this week, Scooby Apocalypse continues the Hanna-Barbera reboot that began in Future Quest last week. That book was amazing. This book? Who knows.

Seriously. In a lesser week this could have been my Pick of the Week (or my Wild Card), but a Jim Lee designed, semi-serious take on a rebooted Scooby Doo and the gang who are struggling to survive in a post apocalyptic world? Let’s face it; good or bad it’s firmly sat on my stack, and it’ll probably be the second book I read on Wednesday.

Afterlife With Archie #9
Archie Comic Publications: April 29, 2015 Writer: Roberto Aguirre Sacasa Art: Francesco Francavilla Cover: Francesco Francavilla


I’ll save you the bother of searching: the last issue, Afterlife with Archie #8? Yeah, it came out May 6th 2015. That’s over a year ago. I mean, who knows what’s going on with this book, I can’t even remember what’s going on inside the book. There’s zombies right?

As with all delays: in years to come, all people will have is the collection, and the quality of the books will stand for themselves. But this ain’t years to come, and my opinion of this series can’t help but be tainted by the unfeasibly long time it takes to bring out each issue. If this series came out on time it would be truly legendary, as it stands though it’s still amazing, just slightly less so.

Captain America Steve Rogers #1
Marvel: May 25, 2016 Writer: Nick Spencer Art: Jesus Saiz Cover: Jesus Saiz


While I started reading Sam Wilson: Captain America and thought it was ok, I dropped off during the Standoff crossover, so I don’t know the specifics of how and why Steve Rogers is young again (I mean, apart from the fact there’s a movie with his name on the poster). If I had to guess though I’d say…something-something Cosmic Cube?

Either way, he has a new number 1 to rival his best friend/ex-Falcon, and I find it hard to believe Sam will remain as Cap for that much longer. From what I read of his series the public hasn’t taken to him as ‘their’ Captain America (which rings a bit uncomfortably true for modern society), and how many more people will buy a book with the movie Cap as opposed to ‘that dude who was Falcon’? Now that Steve is back in the red, white and blue, Sam’s being pushed out from both sides and that sucks.

Mockingbird #3
Marvel: May 25, 2016 Writer: Chelsea Cain Art: Kate Niemczyk Cover: Joelle Jones


I’m going to have to go back and re-read issue 2, because I swear I must have read issue 1 like 5 times and it’s seriously all I can remember right now.

Mockingbird quickly broke free of the shackles of Agents of Shield and strode out on her own path, and all the better for it. Writer Chelsea Can is breathing life into a character and a book that could easily have been a by-the-numbers series but instead feels fresh and brave and I’m following wherever it goes.

Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat #6
Marvel: May 25, 2016 Writer: Kate Leth Art: Brittney Williams Cover: Brittney Williams


Still love this book. I love how Patsy is carving out her own little corner of the Marvel U, with her own cast of characters, friends and adversaries. I want to see her branch out and meet more of the other heroes around her – I’d love to see her meet Squirrel Girl or Thor.

In a way I’m at least sort of getting my wish, if the cover’s anything to go by. Hercules! In this issue! Neat.

Hey! Speaking of Squirrel Girl…

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8
Marvel: May 25, 2016 Writer: Ryan North Art: Erica Henderson Cover: Erica Henderson


Man the last issue was AWESOME. It was a Choose Your Own Adventure book! Sensing how complex it could get, I went out and bought the physical issue, which is a first for me with Squirrel Girl. Normally I go with Comixology, but something told me it wouldn’t read the same. I wonder how it was digitally?

Anyway this issue is the start of a brand new (and I’m sure equally as awesome) storyline, and it’s called ‘I KISSED A SQUIRREL AND I LIKED IT’ and that’s just brilliant.

Welcome Back #8
Boom! Studios: May 4, 2016 Writer: Christopher Sebela Art: Claire Roe Cover: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer


Another week, another great series ending too soon. In a world where we have  three Harley Quinn ongoings, a book as unique and thrilling as Welcome Back falls by the wayside. I did what I could to try and save it but it was not meant to be.

So to the end, and I can’t wait to see how this book concludes. I’m a big fan of Chris Sebela, and it’s great that I can follow him over to Heartthrob, but losing this one actually stings, you know?

The Best of the Rest

Well speaking of endings, DC is having plenty of them this week. Superman #52 concludes the epic Super League storyline and sets up the Superman corner of the universe moving into Rebirth; Omega Men comes to an end with #12 (another great book gone too soon); Batgirl #52 and Grayson #20 are both final issues, and Justice League #50 may or may not be the final issue (???) but it’s certainly the conclusion to the ‘Darkseid War’ storyline.

The Verdict

A strong week. Not so much in quantity, but the books that are out are pretty huge. DC Rebirth alone is enough to get the masses flocking to their LCS. There’s also a bunch of other great books out too, like Afterlife and Squirrel Girl and lord knows even Scooby Apocalypse could be way better than I’m expecting!

Next Week’s Forecast

Next week proves to be huge, bigger than this week.

DC dives into Rebirth proper with Batman, Superman, Green Arrow and Green Lanterns all getting Rebirth one-shots. Marvel meanwhile kicks off its own major Event of the summer with Civil War #1, and the extra-sized Deadpool #13 promises a 4-part crossover in one!

Elsewhere: Valiant continues it’s big Event in 4001AD #2; Paper Girls is back at Image with #6 (yay!); Faith Erin Hicks recreates the early seasons of our favorite Whedon creation in Dark Horse’s Buffy The High School Years: Freaks And Geeks Graphic Novel; and Boom is expanding its Power Rangers line with a focus on Kimberley in Power Rangers Pink #1.

See you next week!

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