That’s The Issue Ep.1 – Getting to Know You

That’s The Issue Ep.1 – Getting to Know You; the brand new comic book podcast designed to get to know you through the issues that you love!

Each episode Matt and Wes will be talking with a guest and getting to know them through a specific comic book issue that’s important to them; could be the first they read or the first they loved; the one they always go back to or the one that makes them laugh, or cry – or all of the above! For whatever reason, if that issue is important to them, That’s The Issue we want to talk about!

Seeing as this is the first (proper) episode, Matt and Wes are leading by example and talking about the issues that they love:

Wes – Avengers Vol.3 #1


Matt – Fantastic Four Vol.3 #1

fantastic four v3 #1

There’s also discussion over the latest comics hitting the stands these last two weeks, including Detective Comics #934, Wonder Woman Rebirth #1, Green Arrow Rebirth #1 and almost all the other Rebirths!

There’s also talk over the purpose of the podcast, the hopes and dreams of the co-hosts and more!

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If you want to get in touch with the show and give your thoughts on the issues we discuss you can email and don’t forget you can follow Matt on Twitter @MattLune and Wes @GeekWhoLanded. You can also find Wes over on his site Geek Who Landed!


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