That’s The Issue Ep.2 – Batman #456 Feat. Josh AKA The Professor

That’s The Issue Ep.2 – Batman #456 Feat. Josh AKA The Professor! The best way to get to know someone is through the things that they love. Each episode me and my friend Wes Messer will be talking with a guest about a specific comic book issue that’s important to them; could be the first they read or the first they loved; the one they always go back to or the one that makes them laugh, or cry – or all of the above! For whatever reason, if that issue is important to them, That’s The Issue we want to talk about!

In this episode we welcome our old podcasting buddy (and ex-Editor-In-Chief of the gone but not forgotten Rhymes With Geek website) Josh onto the show, to talk about the very first issue that he read as a wee 6 year old – Batman 456! We discuss the significance of the issue not only to Josh but to Batman, as this is the issue that solidifies Tim Drake as the brand new Robin.

Before that though Wes and I talk about some of the latest comics to hit the shelves, including Detective Comics 935, Batman 1, Civil War II and Uncanny Avengers 10. I also bore Wes with my undying love of Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort’s Ultimates, and we briefly discuss Art versus Writing!

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