The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – June 15th 2016

Everything you need to know about this week’s upcoming releases; the movers, shakers, good, bad and even ugly of the comic book world it’s The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – June 15th 2016!

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June 15th 2016

There’s a real dark cloud hanging over this week’s column, and that’s the devastating, unfathomable tragedy in Orlando. If you wish to give your support, there’s a GoFundMe set up dedicated to providing support to the victims and their families, and if you are in the local area or need details on how you can help, Kate Leth shared a Tumblr post here with loads of vital information.

Pick of the Week

Vote Loki #1
Marvel: June 1, 2016 Writer: Christopher Hastings Art: Langdon Foss Cover: Tradd Moore

vote loki

To me, Christopher Hastings can do no wrong. I’m a big fan of Dr. McNinja, and his work on Gwenpool is adorable/amazing (adoramazing) so to hear he’s writing a brand new comic for Marvel and that it’s all about one of my favourite characters? I’m sold.

Wild Card

Dark Knight Returns The Last Crusade #1
DC Comics: February 17, 2016 Writer: Frank Miller Art: John Romita Cover: John Romita


I read the first issue of DKIII and…it didn’t grab me. I worry that they’re going back to this well too much, and while I’m not concerned that this will in any way diminish my appreciation for the first volume, I’m not really sure how necessary this is. I’m still going to read it obviously and I’m looking forward to seeing John Romita jr’s artwork hence…Wild Card.

The Rest of The Best

Rebirth Update


Big week for fans of Rebirth! Batman #1 kicks off the proceedings with the introduction of Gotham – not the city, the crime fighter of the same name. Looks like ol’ Bats may have some (friendly?) competition – and if the rumours about the new duos links to Watchmen are to be believed – then this could be the one to watch. Love Tom King too so I’m eager to see where he takes us. Not a huge fan of David Finch but honestly I’ve always thought he was well suited to the Dark Knight. Still, hell of a step down from Greg Capullo IN MY OPINION.

Green Arrow #1 – who would have guessed that this would have been a Rebirth highlight? Not me that’s who. Now the new number 1 comes hot on the heels of the one shot and I could not be more interested to see where this book goes.

Superman and Green Lanterns round out the brand new number 1s, and while I loved the lead up to Supes I wasn’t overwhelmed by the Rebirth one-shot so I’m curious if this will be any better. GL was more fun than I imagined, with a premise better than its execution. Fingers crossed they take full advantage of the buddy-cop set-up.

Concluding our Rebirth update for this week is Titans: Rebirth #1, and as I’m sure fans of DC Universe Rebirth #1 can attest, you don’t want to be missing this series…

Weird Detective #1
Dark Horse: June 15, 2016 Writer: Fred Van Lente Art: Guiu Vilanova Cover: Guiu Vilanova

weird detective 01

I’m a sucker for a couple things in comics – new number 1’s and Cthulu stuff (I think it’s called Lovecraftian Mythos as opposed to ‘Cthulu stuff’). Weird Detective ticks both of those boxes. That cover alone gives me chills so I’m eager to see how this turns out. Look out for my review over on Outhousers!

Star Wars Han Solo #1
Marvel: June 1, 2016 Writer: Marjorie M. Liu Art: Mark Brooks Cover: Lee Bermejo


Genuinely surprised this hasn’t happened sooner, but now that it’s finally here I’m fully on board. I’m a big fan of what Marvel’s doing with the Star Wars line, and I can’t see whether this is an ongoing or a mini, but either way more in-continuity Han Solo is A.O.K with me! Do you really need to know any more?

Transformers Till All Are One #1
IDW: June 22, 2016 Writer: Mairghread Scott Art: Sara Pitre-Durocher Cover: Sara Pitre-Durocher


One of the biggest personal frustrations of mine is that I’ve slipped far behind on the IDW Transformers books, constantly regarded as some of the best, most complexly nuanced comics out there. Yeah. I know. Who’d have thought a book about giant robots that can also become cars would make you cry? And yet it did.

So while I’m not in any place to actually read this book, I’ll be picking it up and adding it to the pile marked CATCH UP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CATCH UP.

Civil War II #2
Marvel: June 15, 2016 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: David Marquez Cover: Marko Djurdjevic


I actually got a kick out of the first issue of this Event. The dialogue wasn’t too ‘Bendisey’ and the characters and their arguments were well formed and entertaining. There was however something about it that I couldn’t put into words, but reading Hannibal Tabu‘s great weekly article The Buy Pile over on CBR  pinpointed the exact issue better than I ever could:

Precognition isn’t a new super power in the Marvel milieu. From mutants to younger mutants to people who inherited the power to immortals to more mutants to even more mutants to demigods to derivative super villains to more mutants to… well, you get the idea (yes, this could have gone on longer). Many people have used it to varying degrees to do everything from avoid getting punched to saving the entire universe. With all that data on hand, the fact that a brand new Inhuman could be the spark behind “Civil War II” #1 is, frankly, stupid. With this conceptual underpinning, the issue borrows the party scene from “Age of Ultron” as a central motif and devolves into a mess of mangled bodies (one of which has been a target for damage recently) and hurt feelings. As reasons for dozens of supposed heroes to go into open melee combat with each other, this is so thin it makes Kate Moss look like Nell Carter, featuring arguments that were long in the tooth when Tom Cruise did “Minority Report.” Add in maudlin sentimentality that doesn’t go along with how comas work, and this is a grandiose mess. Gorgeous artwork, the opening battle was interesting, but the conceptual underpinnings of this make next to no sense.

And that’s generally it. I think I enjoyed the issue overall more than Hannibal, but this feels like a situation they would have come across before, no?

Civil War II X-men #1
Marvel: June 15, 2016 Writer: Cullen Bunn Art: Andrea Broccardo Cover: David Yardin

civil war xmen01

Big fan of Cullen Bunn and even bigger fan of his pre-Secret Wars Magneto series. While his current run on Uncanny X-Men hasn’t grabbed me I’m interested to see if this can draw me back in. The cast of characters looks great and while I’m disappointed generally with the recent slew of X-Books (Extraordinary is fun although I’m a little behind) I really miss the mutant corner of the universe, maybe something like this can reinvigorate them? OK I’m really reaching now.

Joyners #1
Boom! Studios: June 22, 2016 Writer: R. J. Ryan Art: David Marquez Cover: David Marquez

joyners01I never got around to splashing out the money for The Joyners 3D, the hardcover version of the story now being released as individual issues, but this bite-size format – with extra content and features – is a great way to enjoy the story. From the solicit:

The story Comic Book Resources called ‘a game changer’ returns in an all-new, full-color serialized format! A landmark work by Invincible Iron Man & Civil War II artist David Marquez and longtime collaborator R.J. Ryan, featuring new color art by Bitch Planet’s Kelly Fitzpatrick. What It Is: In 2062 Northern California, technology mogul George Joyner stands on the brink of revolutionizing American life (again) with his latest high-flying creation. Unfortunately, his family life is a mess, and his wife Sonya has had enough. Can George pull it together before she decides to leave him for good?

Jughead #7
Archie Comic Publications: June 15, 2016 Writer: Chip Zdarsky Art: Derek Charm Cover: Derek Charm


Jughead #7 is the penultimate issue of Chip Zdarsky’s reign, before Ryan North takes over, which is kind of like your mum taking candy floss off you to give you ice cream – you didn’t want to lose the candy floss but getting ice cream is awesome too. Derek Charm will be joining North in September’s #9, but he’s arrived at the party early to maybe ease our transition?

The Best of The Rest

What will soon become known as the ultimate Santa Claus origin story (at least in my head canon) – Klaus – ends this week with issue 6; I cannot believe that Lumberjanes is already on issue 27, but last week’s crossover with Gotham Academy has reignited my love; Tales From the Darkside #1 looks to be an interesting new mini-series from Locke and Key co-creators Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez; volume 1 of Ringside comes out courtesy of Image Comics; Patsy Walker A.K.A Hellcat #7, Star Wars #20 and Black Widow #4 round out my Marvel Pull-List and Valiant knock it out the park with a quality twofer – A&A The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong #4 and Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #8.

The Verdict

BIG WEEK. Expensive week. My bank balance doesn’t like it but I certainly love weeks like this, don’t you?

Next Week’s Forecast

Another great looking week. The Flash #1 and Wonder Woman #1, MMPR #4, Gwenpool #3, Ms Marvel #8, Ultimates #8, Bitch Planet #8, Detective Comics #935 and a whole bunch more.

Until next time,
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