The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – June 22nd 2016

Everything you need to know about this week’s upcoming releases; the movers, shakers, good, bad and even ugly of the comic book world it’s The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – June 22nd 2016!

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June 23rd 2016

A surprisingly strong looking week actually!

Pick of the Week

Detective Comics #935
DC Comics: June 22, 2016 Writer: James TynionIV Art: Eddy Barrows

detective comics 935

You guys. Last issue was GREAT. It really was one of the more well rounded number ones I’ve read in a whi- wait, issue 934??
Kidding, I’m happy about the renumbering, but seriously last issue had me thinking about Batman: The Animated Series, the best of Snyder’s run and all sorts or warm fuzzy goodness. The Bat books seem to be in great hands.

Wild Card

Lucas Stand #1
Boom! Studios: June 1, 2016 Writer: Kurt Sutter Art: Jesus Hervas Cover: Steve Berman

Lucas Stand 01

I’ve not really watched Sons of Anarchy. I know, I KNOW GUYS. But here’s the creator with a brand new original series and it seems…interesting. Look, it could go either way but an antihero that helps the devil drag the demons back into hell may just be the shot in the arm my pull list needs. And who knows, it may get me watching Sons of Anarchy!

Rest of the Best

Rebirth Update

flash 01

Beepbeepbeep REBIRTH UPDATE beepbeepbeep. So Detective and Action Comics are in full swing now and as such leave our Rebirth list as they’ve already been ‘birthed’. However there’s still lots of Rebirthy goodness left to be had with The Flash #1, and I’m hoping that we see with the Flash what we saw with Superman, because the Rebirth issue of Supes wasn’t that great but I really enjoyed issue 1. I feel the same about The Flash Rebirth: it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, even though it was like the sequel to DC Universe Rebirth, so I’m hoping we see a true first issue with this week’s offering.
Likewise, I almost fell asleep during Aquaman: Rebirth. It just felt really…defensive? Like, “Aquaman doesn’t just talk to fish you know!” and I’d already bought the issue at that point! You had my money, yet you spent time telling me why I should buy a guy that lives under the sea. Sigh. Why can’t comics Aquaman be like Brave and the Bold Aquaman? Still, Aquaman #1 hits this week.
Wonder Woman #1 hits too and I really enjoyed the Rebirth issue, even though it was not at all what I was expecting. It took everything about every origin and history that Diana’s had and tried to make sense of it, and on paper it shouldn’t have worked but somehow it just about managed it. As a story though it belonged in a one-shot, so hopefully this week’s issue 1 can hit the ground running.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4
Boom! Studios: June 1, 2016 Writer: Kyle Higgins Art: Hendry Prasetya Cover: Jamal Campbell


GO GO POWER RANGERS! This is a solid return to form for this franchise as far as I’m concerned. I’ve only ever really watched the Mighty Morphin era so I can’t in any way call myself a mega fan, but the MMPR show holds the same, warm, nostalgic space in my heart as TMNT, so I’m really digging this book.
It’s brave enough to break free of the restraints of the show and not afraid to be more mature either, yet it’s not foolish enough to think it can abandon those nostalgic tropes without losing what it is that makes it so special. A great book.

Gwenpool #3
Marvel: June 22, 2016 Writer: Christopher Hastings Art: Gurihiru Cover: Stacey Lee

gwenpool 03

Talking of great books – genuinely, Gwenpool is FANTASTIC. If you’re not already reading this then you may be looking at your screen right now like Say Whaaaa?
thor hishe how it should have ended say whaaat
But I’m telling you: in fact, I already told you, and now I’m telling you again – GO READ GWENPOOL because it’s made of Win and it will make you smile.

She Wolf #1
Image: June 22, 2016 Writer: Rich Tommaso Art: Rich Tommaso Cover: Rich Tommaso

she wolf 01

This looks truly fascinating:

SHE WOLF is a surreal exploration in horror as the story follows a teenage girl who believes she’s been bitten by a savage werewolf. Soon after she begins to experience feverish nightmares that seamlessly bleed into her everyday reality.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty creeped out just reading that solicit! It’s about time I got into another horror book (the last great one was Harrow County), and this looks really intriguing…

By Emma Rios. Image Comics


You’ll know Emma Rios mostly from another Image book – Pretty Deadly. Her art is gorgeous so I’m 100% on board for an original graphic novel from her. Again I’m going to lift from the solicit because it can do better than I can –

A dystopian tale that analyzes the conflict between perception and identity through the struggle of three people who consider a “body transplant” as a solution to their lives.

Usagi Yojimbo #155
Dark Horse: June 22, 2016 Writer: Stan Sakai Art: Stan Sakai Cover: Stan Sakai

usagi yojimbo 155

I may be setting a dangerous precedent with this, because Usagi Yojimbo is always, consistently superb. If I start recommending issues of Stan Sakai’s masterpiece that he’s still producing after like 30 years, then I’ll be doing it every month. But if that’s what it takes to get everyone to take notice then so be it, because this book is amazing.

Civil War II Choosing Sides #1
Marvel: June 22, 2016 Writer: Various Art: Declan Shalvey Cover: Jim Cheung

civil war ii choose 01

There’s a book like this almost every time Marvel has an Event: an anthology series that takes a look at what everyone else is doing around the edges of the main story. Your mileage may vary but if you have no interest in the event then give this a miss.

Deadpool Vs Gambit #1
Marvel: June 22, 2016 Writer: Ben Acker Art: Danillo Beyruth Cover: Kevin Wada


There’s been a few ‘Deadpool vs’ books of late, and the Deadpool/Spider-Man ongoing series is as god as Deadpool gets. Still…Gambit? I’m sure there’ll be plenty of jokes at the Ragin’ Cajun’s expense but was anyone really asking for this? If the long awaited Gambit solo movie ever takes off this could be a dark foreshadowing of what’s to come, but for now I’ll happily give it the benefit of the doubt.

Action Man #1
IDW: June 22, 2016 Writer: John Barber Art: Paolo Villanelli Cover: Chris Evenhuis

action man 01

For the uninitiated, Action Man is the British version of G.I. Joe. Or at least, the toys were. I can’t imagine this book is attempting to take on the might of Larry Hama’s Joe comics, nor would it want to, and while I’ve never particularly craved an Action Man comic I enjoyed the toys when I was a kid, and the FCBD preview was fun. Let’s give it a go eh?

Nighthawk #2
Marvel: June 22, 2016 Writer: David Walker Art: Ramon Villalobos Cover: Denys Cowan

nighthawk 02

Talking of giving it a go, Nighthawk was my wild card from last month, and I wasn’t that fussed about picking it up. It was after listening to the Lemonade Pod, however that I was convinced to give it a go and I have to admit, this was a way better book than I was expecting. If you like gritty, stylish street level superheroics (with a dash of Midnighter style narrative) then you could do worse than pick this book up.

Power Up! Vol.1
By: Kate Leth, Matt Cummings. Boom! Studios.

power up gn

I don’t often feature trade paperbacks here, but Power Up is something different. I love Kate Leth anyway, but seeing her work with Matt Cummings on a book like this made me smile. It was however one of those series that slipped through the cracks of my ever-expanding pull list, so after I missed all the issues after issue 1, I’m delighted that the trade is out so swiftly!

Star Wars Force Awakens Adaptation #1
Marvel: June 22, 2016 Writer: Chuck Wendig Art: Luke Ross Cover: Esad Ribic


Well they’ve done adaptations of the other films, why not Force Awakens! I’m not really one who gets much out of these comic adaptations of movies, but I enjoyed the novelisation of TFA, and it has got that sweet Esad Ribic art (plus a bunch of variants I imagine) so I’ll at least pick up the first issue.

Ultimates #8
Marvel: June 8, 2016 Writer: Al Ewing Art: Kenneth Rocafort Cover: Kenneth Rocafort

ultimates - 08

Now, much like Usagi Yojimbo, if I tell you one issue of The Ultimates is amazing, I’ll have to tell you they’re all amazing. Which they are. But here’s the thing: if you know anything about me it’s that I FREAKING LOVE THE ULTIMATES! I’m surprised I’ve not written a full article on the series yet but now that it’s onto issue 8 I’m overdue a re-read right from the beginning (again) so who knows I may just do that! Nothing else I say will convince you that this is the best book Marvel is putting out right now, just know that it is and BUY THE BOOK.

Best of the Rest

Archie #9 – Mark Waid and Veronica Fish continue the reboot that should never have worked but does; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 is hurtling towards a conclusion with issue 28, and Dept.H #3 ratchets up the mystery; Warren Ellis starts up a new storyline for 007 in James Bond #7: Eidolon; Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur both hit issue 8, and Rai #14 continues the 4001A.D Event from Valiant.

The Verdict

On first glance this looks like your average week, but this is actually a pretty solid and expensive New Comic Book Day! That’s like 3 great weeks in a row, I’ve no idea how I can keep affording all this. It’s unsustainable really. I mean, hooray!

Next Week’s Forecast

We finally get to find out more about the now infamous #HydraCap in Captain America: Steve Rogers #2Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #9 is out, as is the drawing-to-a-close Darth Vader #22.
There are no Rebirth issues next week that I can see so the Rebirth Update may be pretty thin. To be honest the whole week seems pretty thin. Ooh Mark Millar and Frank Quitely begin the next chapter of their superhero opera in Jupiter’s Legacy volume 2 #1. Look I’m sure I’ll find some others to talk about, so definitely come join me!

That was The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – June 22nd 2016!

Until next time,
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