The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – July 20th 2016

Every week there is a vast array of new comics on the stands. Among the chaos of New Comic Book Day, You need a resource that tells you about the books worth paying attention to. That resource is here. It’s The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – July 20th 2016!

As always, you can find the full list of this week’s releases at

July 20th 2016

You may have noticed a slight absence of a Forecast last week… (although maybe not; based on the site stats there may be an echo as you read this)

So no, there wasn’t a column last week, and for that I can only apologise. The sort-of reason was that I had a week off work and was busy with work around the house, but the actual real reason can be summed up with two words:

Yes, like the rest of the world, I’m obsessed with collecting the little Pocket Monsters, so much so that I have lost all sense of time, space and what my real name is. I like to think I’ve struck more of a healthy balance now though, and as such I am back to look at some upcoming comics!

Pick of the Week

Snotgirl #1
Image: July 20, 2016 Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley Art: Leslie Hung Cover: Leslie Hung

Snotgirl 1

I meeeeeeaaaaan. The name is gross. The concept is 100% strange and seems more than a little Farfetch’d. There’s no way I would even give this a look-in if it wasn’t for one thing: Bryan Lee O’Malley. The creator of Scott Pilgrim, Seconds and Lost at Sea is writing this, and for that reason alone I’m in. I crave more of his work, and although this isn’t drawn by him (I LOVE his art), Leslie Hung looks great, and her art really popped in the Image+ Preview magazine. It could end up being as weird as it seems, but it could also end up being amazing. It could even be both!

Wild Card

Hunt #1
Image: July 13, 2016 Writer: Colin Lorimer Art: Colin Lorimer Cover: Colin Lorimer

Hunt 1

This may be the first week in a while where I’ve not felt cautious about any of the books on the list, there’s usually one that look a little Oddish, but not this week. I picked this one as my Wild Card purely because it’s an unknown quantity, but it sounds pretty interesting:

Dream or reality? For a long time, teenager Orla Roche couldn’t tell them apart, and now THE HUNT is coming with its nightmare world of the restless dead. An intense story of survival, THE HUNT is a supernatural horror tale that will give Irish mythology a distinctly modern twist.

The Rest of the Best

Betty & Veronica #1
Archie Comic Publications: July 20, 2016 Writer: Adam Hughes Art: Adam Hughes Cover: Adam Hughes

betty veronica 1

I’m a big fan of the modern Archie reboot, so I’m eager to see how this latest series fits into the landscape. Jughead has been by far the standout, and one I keep up with pretty consistently. I’m enjoying Archie too, but I tend to read that in chunks. Who knows what this book will be like, but I imagine it’ll tie in pretty closely with what Mark Waid is doing? Here’s hoping the standard of quality will maintain at its current level, and BaV can Seel the deal.

Black Hammer #1
Dark Horse: July 20, 2016 Writer: Jeff Lemire Art: Dean Ormston Cover: Dean Ormston

Black Hammer 1

There are two things guaranteed to make my ears prick up like a dog that smells bacon and Weedle into my pull list: a new superhero dystopia comic, and a new Jeff Lemire comic. Black Hammer is both. Set in a world after a multiverse-altering event, Black Hammer follows the now-ordinary lives of superheroes that sound like they were retconned out of continuity, and the trouble that they now find themselves in.

Faith (ongoing) #1
Valiant Entertainment Llc: July 20, 2016 Writer: Jody Houser Art: Pere Perez Cover: Kevin Wada

Faith 1

Hooray! The fans have spoken, and Faith is back with a brand new number 1 and she’s here to stay. Seriously I feel like I harp on about Valiant, but even though I may fall behind here and there I love the quality of their universe, their characters and their voice, and these three aspects come together perfectly in Faith. A firm highlight of the Harbinger series, and the star of a mini series earlier this year that was filled with Charmander great sense of humor, it’s great that she’s back to establish her place in the ever growing Valiant Universe.

The Best of the Rest

This is a waaaay bigger week than it first appears, so I’m going to reel them off pretty quick. You ready?From Boom we got Cartel crime drama Sombra #1, Lumberjanes #28, MMPR #5 and what looks to be a stunningly gorgeous graphic novel called Cloud.
Dark Horse gives us Buffy #29, Usagi Yojimbo #156, Dept H #4, and BPRD #143
Aside from the Rebirth books above DC also have Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns and Batman all with #3’s.
Image sees the return of I Hate Fairyland with #7, Island #9, Rumble #12, Velvet #15, and Lazarus #23 as well as Jeff Lemire’s awesome Plutona collected in soft cover and hardcover.
Marvel’s biggest book is likely to be Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #1, which includes Slapstick and a couple other Divided We Stand notables; other books include A-Force #7, Black Widow #5, Darth Vader #23, Nighthawk #3, Hellcat #8, Spider-man #6, Spider-Man Deadpool #7, Ultimates #9 and Star Wars #21. If you’re interested in the history of the Great Lakes Avengers you can also check out Unbeatable Squirrel Girl And Great Lakes Avengers TPB.
Last but not least Valiant is having a great week (see above) but they’ve also got A&A The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong #5 and Rai #15 on shelves. … Lickitung.

The Verdict

There’s a LOT to get through this week. Aside from the big number ones, there are a lot of fan favourites and just plain awesome books bringing out new issues. It’s a strain on my bank balance this week, money that could be better spent on POKEMON G-NO MATT! Don’t think like that. Pokemon is but a fleeting crush, comics are your life long passion.

I…I better go guys. This argument may go on a while…

That was The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – July 20th 2016!

Until next time,
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