The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – July 6th 2016

Everything you need to know about this week’s upcoming releases; the movers, shakers, good, bad and even ugly of the comic book world it’s The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – July 6th 2016!

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July 6th 2016

IGNORE THE POLITICS! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT OFF YO! Yes, the political world may be falling apart around our ears (here in the UK at least) but at least comics are still coming out every Wednesday! The world keeps spinning and all that!

Pick of the Week

Kim And Kim #1
Black Mask Comics: July 7, 2016 Writer: Magdalene Visaggio Art: Eva Cabrera Cover: Tess Fowler & Kiki Jenkins


THIS is exactly what we need right now in this current climate! Yes, for two weeks in a row Black Mask Studios has made my Pick of the Week, and for good reason. I said it before; Black Mask are producing some excellent, high quality books right now and Kim & Kim is no exception. Check it:

Kim & Kim is a day-glo action adventure that’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm. It puts queer women and trans women front and center, with a story that embraces the absurd alongside realistic pathos. It’s a mature book that focuses on the power and meaning of female friendships as engines of validation.

Genuinely excited to see more queer and trans representation in comic books and here’s hoping Kim & Kim storm the gates and lead a revolution. The legend that is Steve Orlando describes the book as “Blade Runner meets Jem & The Holograms” and if that doesn’t get Kim & Kim on your pull list I don’t know what will.

Wild Card

Flintstones #1
DC Comics: July 6, 2016 Writer: Mark Russell Art: Steve Pugh Cover: Steve Pugh


I will say this: I am intrigued. More than intrigued; I’m fascinated. I’ve been fascinated by all of these Hanna Barbera reboots, and although this book wasn’t on the top of my list, I watched The Flintstones probably more than almost any of the other comics that these books have been based on. I say almost because I’ve watched every iteration to Scooby Doo to some degree, including the live action movies that I am a major defender/apologist for.
Yet as much as I know The Flintstones world, this book is the biggest mystery to me. Not just in the ‘why God why’ sense (although there is a touch of that), but I have no idea how this concept could have any legs outside of the sitcom format. We shall see.

The Rest of the Best

4001 Ad Shadowman #1
Valiant Entertainment Llc: July 6, 2016 Writer: Jody Houser Art: Robert Gill Cover: Travel Foreman


The Valiant Event continues and Shadowman is back! Shadowman was one of my favourite books of the Valiant reboot and I’m excited to see how the character fits into the latest company crossover. Shadowman!

Batman #2
DC Comics: July 6, 2016 Writer: Tom King Art: David Finch Cover: David Finch


Well Tom King certainly knows how to kick off a comic book huh?! BATMAN STOPPED A PLANE CRASH ALL ON HIS OWN. Oh. Spoilers I guess. But still. He stopped a PLANE. Yes it was ridiculous but in the BEST way. It was ridiculous like Batman should be, and how Batman always has been when he’s at his best.
Batman however isn’t alone anymore. The oddly named Gotham and Gotham Girl (OK, more than odd: dumb. The names are dumb. I mean they are, aren’t they? I’m not alone in thinking that?) have arrived to relieve Bruce of his one man mission of vengeance against crime. But just who are they? And do they really want what’s best for Gotham (the city not the person IT’S ALREADY GETTING CONFUSING)? And if Batman is truly no longer needed, is that a good thing or a bad thing for Bruce Wayne?
These are the questions that writer Tom King (along with artists David Finch, Matt Banning, Danny Miki and Jordie Bellaire) are working to answer, starting with issue 2.

Bounty #1
Dark Horse: July 6, 2016 Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe Art: Mindy Lee Cover: Mindy Lee


Another great looking booking from Rat Queens writer Kurtis J Wiebe, this time joined by artist Mindy Lee to explore the world of galaxy hopping bounty hunters! By the look of the cover this could be a great companion book to Kim and Kim. Man this is good week for fresh looking books!

Civil War II Kingpin #1
Marvel: July 6, 2016 Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Art: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz Cover: Aaron Kuder


OK I have to admit; slightly ridiculous core concept aside (Ulysses is not the first character that could see the future you guys, why is it a big deal all of a sudden?! Madame Web sat over here like “ain’t nobody fighting over me!”) I am getting kinda drawn in by some of the tie in books. The Choosing Sides book from a couple weeks back was fun, and this looks to examine another side of the conflict. With crime rates dropping thanks the magical amazing brand new powers of being able to see into the future (Madame Webb be all “seriously?! I’m sat right here!”), Wilson Fisk is still one step ahead.
I love the street level look at the world on the edge of these big events. Sure some of the stuff in the Front Line series was dumb (come on Speedball don’t do that to yourself!) but I like the outsiders view of the large superhero fights, so I’ll be giving this a read.

Doctor Who Supremacy Of The Cybermen #1
Titan Comics: July 6, 2016 Writer: George Mann Cover: Alessandro Vitti


I’ve not read many of the new series of comics that Titan have produced of Dr Who, but this has got my attention. A crossover of the four latest Doctors facing off against the Cybermen for the fate of the UNIVERSE PROBABLY?
Yeah sweet. I’ve actually missed Dr Who. I didn’t watch more than a couple Capaldi episodes so I’m hoping this can scratch that itch!

Future Quest #2
DC Comics: June 29, 2016 Writer: Jeff Parker Art: Evan Doc Shaner Cover: Evan Doc Shaner


YES! IT’S BACK! Man, how great was issue one?! Pretty great you guys! Easily the best of these reboots (see above), this is a straight up adventure comic that makes you wonder why these franchises haven’t crossed over before. They’re all a pretty seamless fit if you ask me. Issue 3 has already changed its solicit so I’m hoping that isn’t a bad omen, as I could see this book run for a long time.

Justice League Rebirth #1
DC Comics: July 6, 2016 Writer: Bryan Hitch Cover: Tony S. Daniel


I gave up on Bryan Hitch’s Justice League book (so did DC it seems!) so I don’t really have any expectations for this book. I enjoyed the Darkseid War though, and there’s definitely room on my pull list for a Justice League book so I’m remaining optimistic. Why can’t this book be less serious and more like the Brave and the Bold cartoon show?
Sorry, I’m watching the Brave and Bold cartoon show and it’s just…it’s exactly what I want right now.

Punisher #3
Marvel: July 6, 2016 Writer: Becky Cloonan Art: Steve Dillon Cover: Declan Shalvey


I realised recently that even though I wouldn’t consider myself a big Punisher fan, I’ve read his book consistently for years now. This latest series however, from Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon is my favourite so far. It’s always so much better when Punisher is the stoic enemy following the ‘main characters’: the criminals. It worked for Garth Ennis when he worked with Steve Dillon, and it’s so good now. I don’t need to hear what’s in his head or see things from his point of view; if anything he’s almost too simple. Because of that it’s way better to see the reactions to those around him and how his wave of destruction affects the criminal underworld. In my humble opinion anyway!

Sonic Mega Drive One Shot
Archie Comic Publications: July 6, 2016 Writer: Ian Flynn Art: Matt Herms Cover: Tyson Hesse


Wow. OK, little known fact about me: some of the earliest comics I read, before superhero books even, were Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Back then it wasn’t the Archie series, but the lesser known UK comics. Called Sonic the Comic, this anthology series didn’t just contain stories about Sonic, Knuckles and co, but other storeis set in Sega games: Shinobi, Golden Axe, even Ecco the Dolphin and Streets of Rage got strips! It was epic.
Now I’ve never been able to find a neat way into the Archie books (maybe the latest Humble Bundle will help!) but I got a real wave of Nostalgia seeing the solicit for this one-shot, so I’m down!

Vote Loki #2
Marvel: July 6, 2016 Writer: Christopher Hastings Art: Langdon Foss Cover: Tradd Moore


Christopher Hastings should write all of the comics I read. What with Gwenpool (that I also LOVE), obviously Dr McNinja and now this: Vote Loki, a book that skirts satire on its way to outright farce, a book that is downright unmissable. Find and pick up issue 1 (my previous Pick of the Week) then dive into this week’s offering, you won’t regret it

The Best of the Rest

Boom’s Snoopy books come to a bittersweet end with Peanuts Friends Forever 2016 Special #1; The Rebirth titles continue with all their second issues  – Aquaman #2, Green Arrow #2, Green Lanterns #2 and Superman #2Lone Ranger Green Hornet #1 (Of 6) promises a meeting of two classic heroes; one of the best current Image titles is getting the oversized treatment with Deadly Class Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HCPaper Girls #7 continues this fantastic series from Cliff Chiang and BKV; Marvel’s having a good week, with Moon Knight #4, Silver Surfer #5, Star Wars Han Solo #2 (Of 5), and Star Wars Poe Dameron #4; some other interesting first issues with Throwaways #1 and Brik #1; and Bloodshot Reborn #14 gets the special edition treatment with Bloodshot Reborn Bloodshot Island Directors Cut #1.

The Verdict

I mean, it didn’t light me on fire, but Kim & Kim alone is worth the price of admission this week! Throw in books like Vote Loki, Punisher, Bounty and Sonic Mega Drive and you’ve got yourself a solid enough week!

Next Week’s Forecast

Is…is Sabrina #6 actually coming out? I won’t believe it until I see it! New Super-Man #1 looks promising from DC; Powerpuff Girls are getting a new number 1; my favourites Gwenpool and Vision have issues coming out (WHOOP!) and Civil War II chugs along with issue 3!

That was The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – July 6th 2016!

Until next time,
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