That’s The Issue Podcast Summer Special 2016!

That’s The Issue Podcast Summer Special 2016! The best way to get to know someone is through the things that they love. Each episode me and my friend Wes Messer will be talking with a guest about a specific comic book that’s important to them; could be the first they read or the first they loved; the one they always go back to or the one that makes them laugh, or cry – or all of the above! For whatever reason, if that book is important to them, That’s The Issue we want to talk about!

That’s The Issue Podcast Summer Special 2016!

This episode is a little different, for it’s our Summer Special! Summertime in comics means Events – love ’em or hate ’em, they’re here to stay. Me and Wes discuss the first comic book Events we were ever exposed to and why we loved them. We also talk about Event books as a whole: how they began; what they contribute to the comic book landscape; what works and what doesn’t, and why they’re important even if they may sometimes lack quality.

As usual we also review some of the latest issues to hit the stands: Amazing Spider-Man #16 and Darth Vader #24 from Marvel; Animosity #1 from Aftershock Comics and the biggest book out this week – All Star Batman #1!

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Featured Image is by artist Brendan Tobin (Site here), taken from the CSBG blog post The Line it is Drawn #145 – How Do Superheroes Spend Their Summer Vacation? over at Comic Book Resources.

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