The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – August 10th 2016

Every week there is a vast array of new comics on the stands. Among the chaos of New Comic Book Day, You need a resource that tells you about the books worth paying attention to. That resource is here. It’s The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – August 10th 2016!

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The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – August 10th 2016

Pick of the Week

Black Monday Murders #1
Image: August 10, 2016 Writer: Jonathan Hickman Art: Tomm Coker Cover: Tomm Coker

Black.Monday 01

I shared a preview of this a while back, but a new book from Jonathan Hickman is always a good reason to get excited. One that has great looking art from Tom Coker and a plot involving occultism, clandestine superpowers and the real forces that control our world? That’s a no-brainer for Pick of the Week.


Wild Card

Jim Henson Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Special #1
Boom! Studios: August 10, 2016 Writer: Jonathan Case Art: Cory Godbey Cover: Benjamin Dewey

labyrinth 01

I didn’t pick up the Free Comic Book Day issues which contained some of the short stories in this volume, but this 30th anniversary volume also contains new material not printed anywhere else. Your mileage will vary with this based on how much you want a series of short stories based on characters in and around the Labyrinth universe. I for one am not overly bothered, I think it’s one of those movies that you need to have loved as a child in order to truly appreciate it now. I know it’s a beloved childhood favourite for many though so for them this will be an essential purchase.

The Rest of the Best

All Star Batman #1
DC Comics: August 10, 2016 Writer: Scott Snyder Art: John Romita Cover: John Romita


I’ve been looking forward this book for a while. The next Bat adventure for writer Scott Snyder following his epic run with Greg Capullo over on the main title, All Star Batman sees Snyder team up with a whole host of superstar artists to tell tales about the dark side of Gotham: the villains. This first issue seems like a twisted road trip with the odd couple of Bats and Two-Face, taking the Dark Knight out of the shadows which is intriguing, plus he looks a lot happier in this brighter, post Rebirth world. He even winks!


Hey, speaking of Rebirth

Rebirth Update

Superwoman 01

Beepbeepbeepbeep beepbeepbeep yes it’s the Rebirth Update, and a couple more to add to pile this week. First up is Superwoman #1, and I’m not sure which version of Lois Lane this is, is it the New 52 version? I must have missed that part, because I thought I’d kept up with the Super books. Either way, with this and New Super-Man, I like that they’re trying relatively new things with the concept. Or rather, putting new spins on the old concept.

Also out this week is Deathstroke Rebirth #1, exploring the new status quo for one of the stars of the new Suicide Squad movie (yes, I know there’s more to the character than that but I don’t know what that is, apologies! I have a lot to learn) and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, having fun with the Dark Trinity concept introduced in the Rebirth issue, with Todd joined by Bizarro and Artemis.

Accused #1
Marvel: August 10, 2016


Ah Civil War II. To paraphrase a prominent recent issue from the Distinguished Competition – there’s something missing. I’m not sure if it’s the book itself or the fact that I don’t feel like they’re giving enough time between massive Events anymore, but I’m just not feeling the weight of any of it. Characters are dying off, other characters are killing them and going to trial over it – the subject matter of this issue by the way – and I’m feeling nada. I feel like writing something about Civil War II to collect all of my thoughts, but I’ll hold off until the Event is over, because I don’t want to be one of those people. At the moment though I can’t see what they could do to claw me back? I mean there’s big action set pieces, quiet reflective moments, major character deaths… what more is there?

ANYWAY. This one-shot is out.

Ringside #6
Image: July 27, 2016 Writer: Joe Keatinge Art: Nick Barber Cover: Sandra Lanz

Ringside 01

Another Image book I’m slipping ludicrously behind on, and another Image book that blew me away with its first issue. And I don’t even follow wrestling. Yet there was something about the quiet, ‘behind the scenes’ feel to the narrative and the feeling of reality that surrounded the characters caught up in the Pro-Wrestling world that instantly drew me in. This issue starts a brand new arc, but you know what? It’s issue 6. The first trade is either out or coming out soon (edit: it’s already out) and you know that Image trades are always fairly priced, so I say do what I am literally just about to do, and catch up!

Vision #10
Marvel: August 10, 2016 Writer: Tom King Art: Gabriel Hernandez Walta Cover: Mike Del Mundo

Vision 10

Speaking of books you absolutely must be reading: what more can I say about Tom King’s beautifully tragic, eternally claustrophobic masterclass in the superhero thriller genre? Nothing. Two more issues to go after this.

Bonus Pick:
Rom #1
(Complete 3D Box Set)
IDW: July 20, 2016 Writer: Chris Ryall Art: David Messina Cover: Various


This is a weird one. I’ve included it as a bonus at the end of the Picks, because it’s not actually an issue, it’s a box set of all the variant covers to issue 1 of IDW’s newest nostalgia property ROM (previously of the SpaceKnights). Has this been done before? Was there enough demand for all of the ROM covers that would necessitate a 3D box of all of them? Were the variants that good? Who knows. No seriously, who does know? Because I need answers.

The Best of the Rest

Boom continues one of the best crossover ideas in recent memory with Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #3, and begins a prequel tale in Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #1; DC have new instalments of some of the best Rebirth titles, with Action Comics #961, Detective Comics #938, Flash #4 and New Super-Man #2 (they also have Flintstones #2 if that floats your boat); Marvel’s highlights include All-New All-Different Avengers Annual #1, Black Panther #5 and the Penultimate issue of Darth Vader with #24.

The Verdict

Another quiet week. What’s good looks great, but otherwise quite an easy week for my wallet!

That was The Weekly Comic Book Forecast – August 10th 2016!

Until next time,
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