What’s in Store – Top Comic Book Picks for August 24th 2016

Every week there is a vast array of new comics on the stands. Among the chaos of New Comic Book Day, You need a resource that tells you about the books worth paying attention to. That resource is here. Every week I’ll ask: What’s in Store – Top Comic Book Picks for August 24th 2016.

As always, you can find the full list of this week’s releases at Comiclist.com

What’s in Store – Top Comic Book Picks for August 24th 2016

Yes I’ve decided to change the name of my weekly column. I love the format, but the Weekly Forecast sounded a bit dry. Not that a weaksauce play on words is any better, but it’s more descriptive of the column at least! Anyway: on with the comics!

Pick of the Week

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1
Boom! Studios: August 24, 2016 Writer: Jorge Corona Art: Jorge Corona Cover: Goni Montes


Comics creators come together to celebrate their mutual love of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! From short stories like ‘The Origin of Goldar’ to ‘What Would Happen If Bulk and Skull Became Rangers?’, this oversized, anthology collection features contributions from creators like Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), Rob Guillory (Chew), James Kochalka (Monkey vs Robot), and more! 40 pages of new story and art!

Ahhhh I’m loving this series! I’ve mentioned it in this very article a good few times already but this time is different – this time a whole bunch of awesome talent are coming together for an anthology of short stories, including “The Origin of Goldar” and “What if Bulk and Skull became Rangers?”, both of which sound ace. And the talent involved is pretty strong: Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), Rob Guillory (Chew), James Kochalka (Monkey vs Robot), “and more”. So yeah, if you have any interest in either Power Rangers or comics (and let’s face it you wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t for your love of either if not both of those things) then this is definitely worth a look.

Wild Card

Godzilla Rage Across Time #1
IDW: August 17, 2016 Writer: Jeremy Robinson Art: Matt Frank Cover: Bob Eggleton


Move over dinosaurs… monsters used to rule the planet! Travel to different time periods to examine the origin of myths that fueled nightmares! In this first installment, Godzilla brings his terror to feudal Japan! From creators who brought you the smash-hit Godzilla in Hell! Every issue will see a new creative team of monstrous talent!

First he went through Hell and now Godzilla is rampaging through time itself. Following on from the format of the previous mini series Godzilla in Hell, this new book embraces a different creative team each issue, something that worked to varying degrees of quality last time around.

Still, the cover is great and the concept sounds like a lot of fun so I’m happy to fork over my cash for issue 1.

The Rest of the Best

DC Rebirth Update


Speaking of time, it’s time for the DC Rebirth update! This week we’ve got three new books on offer. First off is the one above, the one I’m most excited about: Blue Beetle Rebirth. Aside form Rebirth Time it’s also confession time: I’ve never read any Blue Beetle. What can I say, I was never a DC guy growing up. So I’m going into this book differently than most: I’m going in completely cold. Here’s hoping it’s awesome! (I totally intend on reading some classic Blue Beetle stuff, so if you’ve got any recommendations on where to start, let me know!)

Next up we’ve got Deathstroke #1 and the Rebirth issue from a few weeks ago was enjoyable. Didn’t grab me but it was enough to bring me back for issue one. Likewise Hellblazer #1. Overall the Rebirth issues have been weird. Some of them have been great introductions to the main run, like Flash Rebirth or Wonder Woman Rebirth. Others have been nothing but weird capstones on the previous run, like Batman Rebirth or Superman Rebirth. Still I enjoyed both Deathstroke and Hellblazer Rebirths, so let’s see what their first issues are actually like!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #30
Dark Horse: August 24, 2016 Writer: Christos N. Gage Art: Rebekah Isaacs Cover: Steve Morris


In the final issue of Season 10, the fight for the world has come down to Buffy, her friends, and their gamble . . . ‘Always character driven. Always action packed. Always the best. Buffy the Vampire Slayer should always be on your pull list.’-SciFiPulse ‘Fred Van Lente and Guiu Vilanova’s new series is an H. P. Lovecraft inspired take on a murder mystery.’-Infinite Comix

Once again I have to play the “I’ve not kept up with this series” card, because with all the best will in the world I just can’t keep up with all the books that I want to. Still, I’m only about 7 issues behind, and I can safely say that season 10 has been the best of the comic book seasons to date. Now, your mileage may vary on that based on whether you’re a fan of Spuffy (that’s the Spike Buffy ship in case you weren’t aware) because…yeah spoilers…it’s pretty much back in full force here.

I’ve never had a great problem with it, although it’s by far the least interesting part of this season. The character interactions throughout the book are spot on, and there are some real stand out moments (including one major death that I recently had spoilt for me. Boooo) so I fully intend to catch up now that this final issue is out.

Duck Avenger
IDW: August 31, 2016 Writer: Alessandro Sisti Art: Alberto Lavoradori Cover: Marco Ghiglione


‘Evronians!’ It’s the start of a most-wanted Disney superhero epic! When Scrooge McDuck buys mysterious, ultra-hi-tech Ducklair Tower, Donald sneaks onto a forgotten floor-and as Duck Avenger, finds an amazing AI sending him into a breathless space alien battle! At last! IDW brings you the new-to-USA Disney thrillride that fans have requested most-the legendary ‘Duck Avenger New Adventures’! Adapted for our readers by fan favorite Jonathan Gray (Sonic the Hedgehog)! 72 action-packed pages for only $4.99!

It was Bleeding Cool that first turned me onto this book. Being the massive fan of Don Rosa’s Uncle Scrooge that I am, this book (one that combined my love of Nineties Superheroes and talking Duck Books) instantly appealed. So when I found out it was the first official English language version of a lost Italian gem I was convinced to pick it up. Check out what BC said about it:

“The original run is considered by the wider Disney fanbase as one of the greatest creative acheivements by the company bar none. The character continues to be revived in comic books and games.”

Generation Zero #1
Valiant Entertainment Llc: August 24, 2016 Writer: Fred Van Lente Art: Francis Portela Cover: Stephen Mooney


Because you demanded it! Exploding out of the pages of HARBINGER WARS comes AN ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES starring GENERATION ZERO from New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, IVAR, TIMEWALKER) and blockbuster artist Francis Portela (FAITH)! If you have a problem… If your parents won’t help? And if your cause is worthy? Log onto network #ZERO? because Generation Zero is listening. Years ago, the children of the experimental strike team known as Generation Zero were taken from their families by Project Rising Spirit, a private weapons contractor, and raised to be psychic soldiers. After years of taking orders, they have fought for and won their freedom. Now, the world’s most wanted teenagers have pledged to protect each other tooth and claw, while using their extraordinary abilities to right wrongs for a generation without a future? To fight for kids, just like them. One of those kids is Keisha Sherman, whose boyfriend just turned up dead after a suspicious car crash in Rook, Michigan – a newly booming tech town that sprang from rags to super-riches seemingly overnight. When Keisha makes a desperate plea into her webcam, the local high school suddenly finds itself with several unusual new students? But as word of Generation Zero’s presence spreads rapidly through the halls, this volatile band of teenage upstarts is about to discover that they’re far from the most extraordinary thing lurking behind Rook’s stainless-steel facade..

Valiant are going from strength to strength, love them. Love them love them love them. Harbinger was my favourite book too when it was coming out, and now there’s a sequel! Of sorts. This is Generation Zero, all about the Psiots that were liberated from Project Rising Spirit during and after the Harbinger Wars event from a number of years ago. You caught up with them a bit during Armor Wars but since I dropped off Valiant for a bit there I’ve no idea what they’ve been up to since. I guess I’m about to find out! The solicit for this looks to be a cross between A-Team and X-Men, so they’re covering most of the alphabet there. Looking forward to this.

Nighthawk #4
Marvel: August 24, 2016 Writer: David Walker Art: Ramon Villalobos Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz


NIGHTHAWK loses one of his few allies as his city erupts into violence? ?though he may be able to gain another, as the serial killer who has been enacting his own twisted justice becomes obsessed with the vigilante of Chicago. Will Nighthawk survive the encounter with THE REVELATOR? Will his city? Parental Advisory

Now this is a book that’s come out of nowhere. I’ve not read any Squadron Supreme, either the classic stuff or the new run. I’ve not even read any of the series about Nighthawk’s Squadron team-mate Hyperion. So to not only read this series but to find out it’s awesome, and making series political statements along the way is a miracle. If you’ve ignored this for any of the reasons I initially did, do yourself a flavour and pick it up.

The Best of the Rest

Some other great books out this week: Archie #11 is out, and the titular hero is forming a band with Jughead and Veronica as lead singer; Dept. H #5 continues Matt Kindt’s underwater mystery over at Dark Horse; DC continues to win me over with continuing Rebirth books, including the fantastic Detective Comics #939, as well as Flash #5 and Titans #2; over at IDW, Atomic Robo returns with Atomic Robo And The Temple Of Od #1, and the Spaceknight continues his renaissance in Rom #2; over at Image, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s latest series releases it’s second issue with Snotgirl #2, and there’s a new Sci Fi series set in the Crusades coming out in Lake Of Fire #1; The war rages on through Marvel comics, with Civil War II Ulysses #1 (Of 3), and some of my personal favourite books are out with Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #9 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #11; and rounding out the week is another great book from Valiant with Faith #2!

The Verdict

A great week! Lot of solid books out and a whole bunch of variety so you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy.

That was What’s in Store – Top Comic Book Picks for August 24th 2016!

Until next time,
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