That’s The Issue Podcast: Secret Empire Special Episode 1

That’s The Issue is back! Well, sort of. Before we return with our regularly scheduled programming, myself and Wes have decided – perhaps foolishly – to tackle the nightmare hellscape that is Marvel’s latest world-changing Event: Secret Empire!

That’s The Issue Podcast: Secret Empire Special Episode 1

This is the first episode of our Secret Empire coverage, and in the weeks and months to come we’ll be following along and providing a recap, review and overall commentary on the event as the series develops.

We’re also committed to exploring the real-world controversy surrounding Secret Empire: including Marvel’s PR, writer Nick Spencer’s active Twitter presence, and the reactions that fans, retailers, and the wider world have had to the Hydra takeover.

If you want to get involved with the conversation you can reach out to me or Wes on Twitter (@mattlune and @geekwholanded respectively) or email the show at

NOTE: This episode discusses in depth the following issues, so beware of spoilers!

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