That’s The Issue Podcast: Secret Empire Episode 3

That’s The Issue Podcast: Secret Empire Episode 3

Marvel’s controversial summer blockbuster keeps on rolling along, now with a final page guaranteed to “change everything!” Does this new batch of Secret Empire issues break the internet as much as their creators would like? We take a spoiler-filled look at the latest Secret Empire releases, as well as the news and reactions to the series across the internet. We also read out your questions and thoughts, and Wes discusses how the zeitgeist surrounding this Event has affected him as a comics fan.

*Spoilers Abound!*

In this episode, we recap and review the following issues:

  • Secret Warriors #1 (albeit briefly)
  • U.S.Avengers #6
  • Ultimates2 #7
  • Secret Empire #2

We also discuss the news that Secret Empire is expanding from 9 issues to 10, which you can read more about here.

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