That’s The Issue Podcast: Secret Empire Episode 5

Welcome back to another Secret Empire themed episode of That’s The Issue!

That’s The Issue Podcast: Secret Empire Episode 5

We’re pretty much at the halfway point of this Event, and if you can’t tell – fatigue is starting to set in. Throw into the mix the fact that Matt and Wes aren’t feeling great, mix that with a total of 7 comics where nothing that earth shattering happens and you get an episode that is starting to falter.

Miles to go before we sleep though, and we’re still excited to bring you all that sweet Secret Empirey goodness! In this just-over-an-hour-long episode, we cover the latest issue of Secret Empire and 6 of its tie-in issues. The full list is as follows and a little warning: we spoil the heck out of ’em:

  • Secret Empire #4
  • Captain America Sam Wilson #23
  • Deadpool #32
  • Secret Warriors #3
  • Secret Empire: Brave New World #1
  • Secret Empire United #1
  • Uncanny Avengers #24

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